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25 Year Anniversary – What’s in a number?


Well, we reached a milestone yesterday.  25 year anniversary of marriage.

What’s in a number?  It depends on what you are looking at.  If you are married a long time but there is no quality, how much is that worth?

On the one hand, I’m feeling a little guilty about the lack of fanfare we did to celebrate this occasion.  On the other hand, one day does not a marriage make.

We did stay an extra night at Dad’s cottage, coming back early yesterday morning, but we forgot to toast and drink the champagne we bought on Monday night.  We’ll save it … but not for too long.  $13.95 spent but deferred.


I was surprised and happy to find this in my front hall this morning.

No, it’s not an anniversary present.  We’ve been talking about getting one for a few months, but just didn’t manage to get out to make the purchase.  The Irishman was in the vicinity of a store that we had a store credit with and so he bought it.  Cost $14.95 but $0.00 for us today and value, immeasurable.  I’ve been wanting this to save on laundry costs, and yes, I can calculate the savings down the road.  But for right now, it’s not even the most important thing.  It’s the fact that he did go a bit out of his way and get me something I really wanted that will help us.  It really is the small things that matter.

I’m off for the week, with big plans to get a number of things accomplished around the house.  We are 50% through the week so far and I’ve accomplished a bit fat “0” on this list.  On the other hand, I spent yesterday with Monkey Butt while he worked.  Today, said Monkey, came over for a swim and Grandpa turned on the pool heater for the occasion.  Money spent – $10, value received – priceless.

My sister texted me to see if I would go with her for a pedicure.  Sure my toe nail polish is 67% effaced, but my nails are trimmed and heels polished thanks to a husband who likes to give me ‘foot’ jobs.  $42 saved until next time.

There’s 140 days until Christmas, but who’s counting?  As long as we’re still on this earth together to celebrate with family around, I’ll be happy.  Life is precious.   But I won’t worry about tomorrow.  I’m doing the what feels right for today, and that’s all that matters.

I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger for coffee yesterday.  Almost 150 minutes spent in great discussion.  It felt like 45.  1 blogger I’ve met in real life.  Countless others I haven’t but still call friends.

6 shout outs to those who shared my posts recently:  Shannon @ Financially Blonde (hope she’s having a good vacation!),  Kipp @ Frankly Frugal Finance  and Edwin @ Cash Syndrome  and Stack the Chips (some new blogs I’ve recently discovered), Raquel at Practical Cents (great home owner advice) and J. Money @ Rockstar Finance (don’t know what made my day more, the 391 views I received that day or the fact that he labelled my post as funny!)

So you see, life is filled with silver linings.   Here’s to 25 more years!


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I am a fifty-something wife, mother and new grandmother, who admits to having their “head in the sand” about their financial situation until amassing $247,500 worth of consumer debt for a total debt of $393,500. We've paid $121K in 2 years with four more years to go. Join my journey at sharing ideas and motivation to all those coping with poor money management and bad debt decisions.

85 thoughts on “25 Year Anniversary – What’s in a number?

  1. Happy Anniversary Deb, twenty five years is something to be very proud of. Enjoy the rest of your week off!
    Kassandra recently posted…Music To My EarsMy Profile

  2. Happy 25th Anniversary, and yes, here’s to a successful and happy 25 more!
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…Can You Spare 15 Minutes?My Profile

  3. I haven’t even been alive 25 years. But I will give you a hearty congratulations! You’re an example for my future married self. Truly.
    Will L recently posted…How I Spend $75 Per Month on (Healthy!) GroceriesMy Profile

    • Oh you are so sweet, Will! That’s a lovely compliment. I guess my youngest daughter is your age. :-D

  4. Congratulations on 25 years! That is a wonderful milestone to reach.
    Jen Spends recently posted…7 ways to stretch your back to school clothes budgetMy Profile

    • Thank you, Jen! Quarter Century Club! Thanks so much for your help tonight with my new GASP plugin!

  5. Congrats on 25 years Deb! I have 22 more to catch up… but by then you will be at 47, hah! Also thank you for the shout out! It is crazy how a larger blog linking to you can drive in the traffic, isn’t it? Dividend Mantra’s GR post where he said he met up with me drove a huge amount of traffic to my blog, I hit a record of 577 views that day! I hope in a year from now I can look back and laugh at 577 views in a single day :).
    Kipp recently posted…Income and Expense for July 2014My Profile

    • Thanks, Kipp! That’s so cool! 577 wow! You beat my Rockstar Finance post! Hope things continue to go well. Thanks again for your help on Twitter tonight! ;-)

  6. Happy anniversary, Deb! 25 years is quite an accomplishment (and something for me to aspire to!)–congratulations!
    Mrs. Frugalwoods recently posted…Frugal Hound Sniffs: The Barefoot BudgeterMy Profile

  7. Happy Anniversary! 25 years is quite a milestone. Enjoy your drying rack!!
    Kate@GoodnightDebt recently posted…July 2014 RecapMy Profile

  8. Congratulations on reaching 25 years, Deb! What an accomplishment! It’s to hear that you’re loving life and enjoying it to its fullest.
    Addison @ Cashville Skyline recently posted…Is Monetizing a Blog Selling Out?My Profile

  9. Well done, 25 years is amazing. Congratulations to you both x
    paidinchickens recently posted…Cheap in my bedroom and my Big Bedroom Toy BoxMy Profile

  10. Congratulations! May you have 25 more!

    We are the same way about our anniversary – very little fanfare. I’m not sure we even exchange gifts anymore. It’s a nice day to sit and reflect, but it’s not something we build up in our minds.
    Kirsten recently posted…Allowing God to Work: Thoughts on PrayerMy Profile

  11. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to the next 25! We usually go out for a nice dinner for our anniversary.
    Brian @ Debt Discipline recently posted…Net Worth Update: JulyMy Profile

    • Thank you Brian! In the past, we would have too. Now we’re more homebody folks. Funny how times have changed.

  12. Congratulations Debs!

    We also have one of those racks in our apartment, but it is because Kate doesn’t like to put most of her stuff in the dryer because she says it shrinks. I still use the dryer so I guess we’re saving 50% on drying our clothes?
    Aldo @ MDN recently posted…Is It Better to Buy or Rent?My Profile

  13. Ha, I love how you added the photo and just blurred it :) Congrats on 25 years- it’s a great accomplishment!
    Lauren recently posted…What Would You Do for $50,000?My Profile

  14. Congrats on 25! We don’t make a big fuss either about the date either. If we want to do something or buy something for each other we just do it – just because. Same with birthdays and Christmas- except for the kiddos. Have a great vacation.
    May recently posted…Frugal ConfessionsMy Profile

    • Thanks, May. Funnily enough it keeps me very calm that we don’t make a big fuss but are still happy to be together. He’s my best friend and confidante, and I do love to spend time with him. :-D

  15. Happy Anniversary! 25 years is a long time, I always adore couples who are together for a long tim and still going strong — I can feel the romance. Here’s to the next 25 years!
    Poor Student recently posted…The Best 6 Degrees You Can Earn TodayMy Profile

    • Thanks so much! It hasn’t always been easy, but like anything that is worthwhile, you need to work at it! ;-)

  16. Happy Anniversary, that’s a big achievement! My parents have been together for 34 years, and we’ll probably do a bit of a thing for their 35th next summer.

    On the note of the drying rack – I need to get me one of those. I usually hang stuff on hangers on the shower rod, but that doesn’t work for everything (especially if it’s a fine material that will get out of shape, and shoulder hanger marks in it). I just cannot fathom the trouble the cats would get into with that thing. I bet it’d be broken in about 5 minutes.

    Also, I love your living room couch (sorry for creeping – I know that’s not the important part of the picture) :)
    Alicia recently posted…Credit Card 2 is GONE!My Profile

    • Alicia – we did a 45th for my parents because my Mum was all down and needed a bit of cheering up after her sister passed away. Then when they got to 50, we sent them to Toronto for the weekend which is the city they first lived in when they immigrated to Canada in the 50’s. They made it to 51 years and my Mum passed away about 2 months after that.

      I usually hang my delicates on hangers and hooks in my room too. I just wanted more capacity so I could dry even less in the dryer.

      I’m glad you like my couch. Actually it’s a funny story because I don’t really like it for that room because it is too modern and funky looking. It was originally intended for the basement when we had to replace our other couch due to a flash flood in a freak storm in 2009 with lots of damage. That couch is too big to get down the stairs. So my flowered living room couch is down in the basement now! Eventually, I will paint and change the decor to modern looking to suit the couch. It’s comfortable enough, but truth be told, I don’t use that room a lot.

  17. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many more! :D
    Morgaine recently posted…Weekly Spending: July 28 – Aug 3My Profile

  18. Making it to 25 is no small deal! Maybe you’ll splurge on that first debt-free anniversary : )
    Prudence Debtfree recently posted…Debt And Personality Type: Type A vs. Type B ( & our 11th slice out of Debt #3)My Profile

  19. Happy 25th anniversary! I’m always so happy to hear about people that are still together! Here’s to many more years and even more happiness than you already have :)

    PS Drying racks are awesome, who needs jewelry as gifts? A drying rack is a life saver :)
    Michelle recently posted…July 2014 Monthly Recap – Who is this person?My Profile

    • Thanks Michelle! Very sweet of you to say that. Sometimes it seems like we’re bucking the trend!

      I feel the same way about the drying rack. ;-)

  20. Congratulations, Deb! My husband and I are approaching our 24 year mark. :) Here’s to many more great years together!
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted…Back to School Shopping Tips and InfographicMy Profile

  21. 25 is a big one! Happy anniversary! Any other tips for us on how to make it last? I’m going on 6 years with the bf!
    Melanie@Dear Debt recently posted…How My Blog Changed My Life: Shannon from Financially BlondeMy Profile

    • Thanks, Mel! They say you can’t change ‘em but you can both take baby steps to meet in the middle. All the best!

  22. Congrats Debs! I hope you get all your list accomplished while you are off from work.

    Who knows, maybe we can meet someday (when we’re debt free and can afford it!) :)
    Kayla @ Shoeaholicnomore recently posted…Online Income: July 2014My Profile

    • It would be awesome if we can meet a FinCon at some point in the future! Not happening for me this year, but maybe next. Thanks for the wishes, Kayla!

  23. Happy anniversary! Time flies, doesn’t it? And I love practical gifts!!
    Amy recently posted…School Shopping First-TimerMy Profile

  24. Congrats! A great milestone!
    Chris @ CentsToMe recently posted…4 Stocks To Buy In Down MarketsMy Profile

  25. Happy Anniversary! 25 years is something to be proud of!
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…4 (More) Reasons NOT to Quit your Job to Start a BusinessMy Profile

  26. Happy Anniversary!! We’ll be celebrating 5 years in a few weeks (together 12). We’ve never done anything really big and this year we plan on doing something as a family for the weekend which I hope works out :) Enjoy your week off!
    catherine recently posted…Why I’m Not Making Any Extra Debt Payments: Debt Repayment UpdateMy Profile

    • Thank you, Catherine. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! I hope you enjoy your weekend away and everything works out.

  27. Wow, Congrats Deb. It’s such an accomplishment that not many people can achieve especially in today’s society. It’s so true that “one day does not a marriage make.” May you have many more years to enjoy together.
    Practical Cents recently posted…How to Prepare for Home ImprovementsMy Profile

  28. Congratulations on your milestone anniversary! That truly is an accomplishment. I hope you have another wonderful 25 years!

  29. Thanks for the mentions and congratulations!
    Edwin @ Cash Syndrome recently posted…8 Signs You Have Too Much Credit Card DebtMy Profile

  30. Congratulations and happy anniversary! 25 years is a long time, but I’m sure it goes by very quickly. I can’t believe we are already coming up on our 10th. It seems that the older I get, the faster time slips away. Have a great weekend!

  31. Big congrats. Big accomplishment. :))))

  32. Happy 25th anniversary. That is a milestone to be proud of =)

  33. Congrats on 25 years! So amazing. I love that your husband bought that, with store credit no less. It’s nice when our partners listen to what we want, especially when it shows that they believe in our goals. My mom actually suggested we get one (not sure of the exact name, clothes hanger/dryer? haha), and leave it outside on our deck. I have no clue how much it would save us, though.

    As a side note, your house looks really cute! I love those doors leading into that room.
    E.M. recently posted…August Budget PreviewMy Profile

    • Did my first load tonight, E.M. Not sure if I can get my daughter to use it though.

      Thanks for your best wishes. :-)

  34. Congrats and happy anniversary, Debs! Can’t imagine what that must feel like (maybe because I’m only 25 years old, ha!). Great to see you two are still going strong!

    Here’s to many more years to come!
    No More Waffles recently posted…Savings Rate for July 2014My Profile

    • Thank you for the kind wishes NMW! 3 of my 4 kids are older than you, but their technically my step kids but I’ve raised them. ;-)

  35. Congrats Debs! Awesome achievement! And I’m sure the level of fanfare isn’t that important – how proud, content and happy in each other’s company you are is what really matters :)

    Wishing you continued happiness and success!
    Jason @ Islands of Investing recently posted…Can you really follow Buffett’s number 1 rule – never lose money?My Profile

  36. 25 years, good on ya! That was lovely of the Irishman to pick up a drying rack. We have two and my mom has about three. When my Dad saw the ones at my house, he said there must be some sort of genetic defect that is predispositioned to those things ;-)
    Anne @ Money Propeller recently posted…Friday Jet Fuel #5My Profile

  37. Congrats to you and the Irishman! Here’s to 25 more!
    Mel @ brokeGIRLrich recently posted…Feeding Someone in Grief: Tales from the TrenchesMy Profile

  38. Oh, congrats! Sometimes I think there’s too much pressure to celebrate in a specific way on specific numbers. You obviously love each other, and that’s what matters…not the fanfare.

  39. Happy Anniversary to you and the Irishman Deb!!! A few years ago, I was speaking to a client about his wedding anniversary (I was a newlywed, still bright eyed and bushy tailed about the whole marriage thing) and it was his 11th or 12th anniversary. He said that he and his wife would probably just cook dinner and watch a movie, to which I gasped in horror at the banality of it all. And his response, “They can’t all be winners, Shannon.” FB Hubby and I are coming up on 11 years, and I quote this client ALL the time. “They can’t all be winners,” but marriage is more about the journey than destinations and dates. It is a wonderful accomplishment that you two have made it this far and I hope you are continuing to enjoy your journey!
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Music Mondays – Least ComplicatedMy Profile

    • Thanks, Shannon! Great quote! We definitely use to celebrate more in our early years, which is only natural. On our 10 year anniversary, I got a diamond eternity band (because I nagged him for one) but other than that most anniversaries have been pretty low key – nice dinner at home or sometimes dinner out. When the kids were still younger, we would get takeout from a high end restaurant and set up a table with candles in our bedroom. The kids helped out and played waiter. It was so cute!

  40. Happy 25th! Here’s to another 25!
    Tre recently posted…An Update From The Wellness CommitteeMy Profile

  41. Congratulations!! And the Irishman gives you foot rubs. He’s a keeper-enough said.
    Michelle recently posted…My Net Worth Just Hit 6 Figures (Even With The Debt) How I Feel About ItMy Profile

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  43. Just wanted to add my congratulations for a Happy Anniversary, belated as it is. :)
    Debbie recently posted…SAVING LIVES WITH ORGAN TRANSPLANTSMy Profile