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We’re #1!!

Our debt repayment is now listed in Money Smart Guides Debt Payoff All Stars and we show as in #2 position, but I will advise Jon Dulin after this post to move us into #1 spot, baby!  Yep, we’ve paid $160K in 2.5 years!! :-D  Go check out his list and if you’re on a debt repayment journey you may want to add your numbers to the list.  Nothing like misery loves company, I always say!

So let’s take a look at the numbers since I’m actually on time with my update to our Debt Repayment Plans.


click to enlarge

I’m very happy with the consistent progress.  $48.6K paid so far this year – on track to pay my target of $60K and there’s a good chance we will exceed this.  Whether we meet the stretch target of $65K is looking like a possibility, but I don’t want to count my chickens as there’s a few unknowns which I’ll get to in a bit.


Debt Repayment Plans ~ Progress by Type of Debtdebt-repayment-plan

  • Timewise we are 41.3% through our debt repayment journey targeted to end May 18, 2018.  Our debt is 40.7% paid.  So technically we are 0.6% behind but so close!
  • This means our debt remaining is 59.3%, so we are below 60% remaining of our original total debt at 2.5 years into our debt repayment plan.
  • At right is the % paid to date by type of debt.


Our Trusted e-fund

Steady eddy is fine by me, especially with how the year started out. This brings me to our forecast for September. Not sure if it’s because of back-to-school or what, but The Irishman’s income for October will be below our minimum goal of $2,400 / month.  He’s only made $2,200 in September to be paid in October.  He’s been quite busy the last few days so hoping it’s just a temporary blip. Of course, this is why I’m building up my emergency cash fund again.

Plan is to get it to $15,000, because technically it’s not only our emergency fund but also our property taxes fund which are approximately $5,800 and have to be paid in two installments in March and June.

Anyways, I increased it by $2K in September, on top of paying off $5.6K of debt above, so ya, hash-tag winning!!

Plan is to do the same in October but that’s not looking so promising.  We have $1,200 bill for The Irishman’s professional fees and with only minimum income, it’s going to be difficult.  Meh, I’m not going to get worked up about it.  It could be worse.

debs-devotions - MediumDebs’ Devotions #3

Thanks so much to the following blogs for linking my recent posts:  Dan @ Our Big Fat Wallet and Travis @ Enemy of Debt featured my post Credit or Cash?  Pick Your Poison in their weekly round-ups.  Travis is a big fan of cash, as are many of my blogger friends.  However, I also have many blogger friends that endorse credit, like me, mainly for the rewards points but also for easier expense tracking.

In retrospect, I wish I had conducted a poll on that post, but better late than never, I have one for you here folks.  Just for your info, I did a quick tally based on the comments left on that post.  If anyone mentioned that they use cash or debit, even partially (except for really small amounts of cash) I put them on the CASH side, and all others who use Credit and were big on paying of monthly (a must!) and getting rewards I put on the CREDIT side.  Totals came to 20 for CREDIT and 22 for CASH.  So that’s a 48% / 52% split.  Let’s see how the poll comes out.  Even if you already commented last time, please vote in the poll again.  Merci.

Last time I did a poll, I didn’t get a lot of responses, but that was in my early blogging days.  I kind of like polls, to be perfectly honest, so hopefully I can do more on here as inspiration strikes me.

Some favourite posts that resonated with me or were helpful to me:

Stop Dehumanizing The Poor, Homeless from Sam @ Frugaling.  I get overwhelmed when I think about the suffering in the world.  But then I think, I’m no good to anyone, if I let this feeling overtake my emotions.  I do what I can, and I pray.  Please take a look at Sam’s insightful post.

10 Bare Necessity Blogging Tips from Steve @ Kapitalust.  Still learning myself and I like to help others, so I want to share this with fellow blogger readers.  Go check out Steve’s Fluff Piece also for some fantastic photos he took.  So beautiful!

You Don’t Know Jack (and Neither do I) from Laurie @ The Frugal Farmer.  Full of inspiration, Laurie tells us like it is. Incidentally, Laurie was the winner of the Plutus Award at FINCON for Best Green/Sustainability PF blog , worthy of mentioning, just sayin’.

Can I Retire Today? Yes, but I Won’t from Jean @ Nearly Retired.  Jean is finding her way to retirement, like me, so I find lots to think about in her posts and including her FREE Retirement Readiness Assessment which was very helpful.

Scheduling a Side Hustle from B @ Banishing Loans.  She works and full-time job, a part-time job and runs a blog.  Seriously, that is a lot of work and I’m always looking for tips on how to up my game so I can achieve this.  Not only that, but B has opened a second blog Miss on the Money.  Go check out her first official post there.

Society Makes It OK To Te Broke from Kim @ Eyes on the Dollar.  Kim has a perfect everyday example of how some people live, but maybe don’t need to.  Not saying all financial hardship is easy to solve, but with some effort, I would think that situations like this could be turned around.

BATB TV: Tips to Save Money from Tonya @ Budget and the Beach.  Oh how I laughed and laughed.  Seriously, who needs Cable TV when you’ve got great content right here on your lap!

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Monkey-Butt-DepartsOK, that’s a wrap.  I’m doing Brian’s 31 days of Writing this month and I’m not gonna lie, it ain’t easy.  I was doing okay until last night and fell asleep on my daughters couch as she was putting Monkey Butt to bed.  He’s gone for ten days so I’ll just have to come and stare at this picture taken last night just before supper.

Tweedledum-TweedledeeThis means we’ve got our two grand-dogs for the next 10 days or what I’ve dubbed “10 Days of Misery”.  LOL  We love dogs but these two are seriously high maintenance.  The wiener (let’s call her Tweedledee) has a back problem and has to be carried up and down stairs and has been diagnosed with renal (kidney) issues after a recent sickness.  The black rescue (Tweedledum) cannot be trusted with free reign of the house as he marks his territory.  One whines for food (and she’s off most stuff except special kidney food and green peppers) and the other whines for us to throw his toy.   They are pretty cute so all errant behaviours are quickly forgiven. Nama thinks they may have a bath and hair clipping in their near future if she get’s around to it.    October is our dog sitting month.  Next week we have the neighbour’s dog for a few days and we have another neighbour’s dog for 2+ weeks after the grand-dogs go home!  Go big or go home, so they say!

Would you consider joining the Debt All Stars List?  Did you vote in the Cash versus Credit poll?  Have you ever dog-sit before? 

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Author: debster

I am a fifty-something wife, mother and new grandmother, who admits to having their “head in the sand” about their financial situation until amassing $247,500 worth of consumer debt for a total debt of $393,500. We've paid $121K in 2 years with four more years to go. Join my journey at sharing ideas and motivation to all those coping with poor money management and bad debt decisions.

81 thoughts on “Debtity-do-da! – Debt Repayment Plans

  1. Your debt pay off this year is AMAZING!!!! Congrats! :D Yes, I voted… cash/debit 100%! Looking forward to checking out the recommended reads. Thanks so much! You are truly inspiring!
    Nichole @Budget Loving Military Wife recently posted…Favorite Reads this WeekMy Profile

    • Thank you, Nichole. You are inspiring yourself, to me! $8.04 on cashback going back into the mortgage! I love it! :-D

  2. Man you’re sending huge chunks of debt repayment in! Nice job Deb! I love the pics you posted too. Thank you so much for mentioning my video! :)
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…September Review/October GoalsMy Profile

    • I loved your video, Tonya! So fun to watch. I have a half drafted post I wrote a long time ago along the same lines but so much of it is based on truth I’m afraid to post it! Ha ha!

  3. I voted! I use credit cards for the rewards points. High five on your debt repayment progress!
    Lauren recently posted…Fall Spending Freeze ChallengeMy Profile

    • Thanks, so much Lauren! I guess you go with cards that give you travel rewards points to help with your travel to Bulgaria!

  4. Great progress on your debt repayment! :)
    Nicola recently posted…The September Cash Challenge RecapMy Profile

  5. Awww, thanks for the mention and the kind words, Deb!!! So glad you liked the post – no everyone did. ;-) You are kicking it on the debt payoff – keep up the great work, my friend!
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted…Saturday Morning Ramble: Homesteading In WinterMy Profile

  6. Your debt repayment figures are fab!!
    Victoria @thefrugaltrial recently posted…Debt update – under £10k!My Profile

  7. Amazeballs debt repayment progress Debs – so inspiring to see!

    Hehe thanks for including my 10 blogging tips post – glad you found it helpful and hopefully some others will too for optimizing the basics of their WordPress blog! :)
    Steve recently posted…Net Worth Update: September 2014My Profile

  8. You know where Im at with the cash vs credit debate – credit all the way. And I dog sit once and a while, we have a friend that looks after our dog during the days so we look after her two dogs once and a while. Its always a ton of fun
    Dan @ Our Big Fat Wallet recently posted…Costco’s Secret Price CodesMy Profile

    • What kind of dog do you have Dan? I love learning about people’s dog breeds and their dog’s names.

  9. Absolutely outstanding. You are killing it in the debt pay-down stakes. Phenomenal progress!
    Myles Money recently posted…Ignoring Debt… #FrugalFridayMy Profile

  10. I voted! Credit all the time for me. I might join the list but I need to sit down and work out how much we have paid off. I might join the list. I need to get out all my spreadsheets and work it out – isn’t that sad? I have been more focused on building up assets vs. debt repayment right now. Good luck with the October writing challenge.
    May recently posted…Pursuit of Frugal October 2014My Profile

    • I think building up assets is important too, but since we’re well on our way there and our time clock is ticking I want to get that debt gone so we can renovate and then downsize our home. The October writing is good for me, otherwise I spend a lot of time reading and commenting on blogs, playing with WordPress and plugins and looking at my budget spreadsheet. I am that much of a nerd now!

  11. That is amazing progress. Congrats!
    I voted. Under $10 cash / $10 and over reward credit card.
    LeisureFreak Tommy recently posted…Is Wealth a Number or State of MindMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Tommy! In my manual tally i put you on the CREDIT side. This poll is leaning more that way this time, so far.

  12. Congratulations almost sounds sounds insufficient. A tremendous accomplishment!
    SavvyJames recently posted…Cream City Hustle – Available for Pre-OrderMy Profile

  13. Great work Debs on increasing the E-fund AND making a big debt payment in the same month! Tweedledum looks likes his is full of mischief :)
    Kassandra recently posted…Sunday Sweetness Volume 4My Profile

    • He’s got lazer focus on his toy which he wants you to continually throw for him. You have to tell him, “All done”, for him to settle down or he will go all day and night. Thanks, Kassandra :-)

  14. Congrats on the amazing debt paydown! You are doing awesome! I voted :) Credit is where all of my purchases go…love getting the travel reward points. I also find it makes it easier for budgeting but it does take a lot of willpower not to treat it as a bank account.
    I have dog sat before, last time was in my teens. I used to not only baby sit to make money but I also house sat and dog sat. I had one family who always wanted me to check their house, mow the lawn and water the lawn along with babysit their kids.
    Michelle recently posted…September 2014 Monthly RecapMy Profile

  15. Your granddogs are adorable! Have fun dog sitting :)! And, huge congrats on your debt repayment progress–you’re tearing it up. I voted–I’m all about credit!
    Mrs. Frugalwoods recently posted…Weekly Woot & Grumble: 10 Questions On 1500 DaysMy Profile

    • Thanks, Mrs FW! Tweedledee has cute eyes like Frugal Hound. Actually Tweedledum has too, dag nabit! Dat wascal! ;-)

  16. Congratulations! That is an AMAZING accomplishment. :)
    As for the vote ~ ring us up for cash, please. We learned the hard way that we are not disciplined enough for credit. Haven’t had a credit card in over 10 years now. Also, we have no debt, unless you count mortgage, but even that would be paid off in 4 years. However, since we’re selling the place ~ much sooner. And as for dog sitting … nope. But no one’s ever asked. :)
    kay ~ recently posted…Regrets? I’ve had a few …My Profile

    • Good for you Kay! Your debt sounds amazing! We will be four years as well, but we’re a lot older than you. :-)

      • I dunno Deb. I know most of the bloggers seem to be in their 20’s and 30’s, but I’m 53 and the hubby is 59. We bought this house 3 years ago as a fixer upper and it is owner financed. So it was inexpensive and we got it as a 7 year loan. Our mortgage payments are a bit higher than most, but we wanted it paid off by the time Jay hit 63. However, the taxes in this city are outrageously high, so the plan wasn’t all that well thought out. Plus, it is a 125 year old Victorain house and we heat it with oil. Altogether, the math on this venture wasn’t well thought out. :P
        kay ~ recently posted…Minimalism ~ More Art Than ScienceMy Profile

        • Oh Kay, I’m so glad to have met you! That was my mistaken assumption then because as you say, so many PF bloggers are younger and I’ve been on the prowl for more people in my age group. Not that I don’t love blogging with the younger crowd but I think that people our age have unique concerns. I’m 55 this month and The Irishman just turned 62. We will be debt free in 3.7 years. It’s all mortgage except for 8K on a vehicle (interest free). He will be 65 when our debt is gone and I will be 58. We pay $5500 in property taxes. Our home is fairly large in a nice location so we should get good value for it when we eventually downsize after renovations. That’s the current plan but open to discussion every time I get fed up keeping such a large home. ;-)

          • Cool! I am so glad to have met you, too! I finally found someone who may be able to understand some of my “’60’s childhood” & “70’s teenagehood” ramblings. Your plan sounds like a great one. I look forward to sharing your journey to debt freedom. (YAY! Now I can say “cool” instead of “awesome” more often) :D
            kay ~ recently posted…Regrets? I’ve had a few …My Profile

  17. I voted in your poll and love polls too, especially when it’s easy to participate in them. And CONGRATS on making the list and killing it on your debt repayment journey. You really are an inspiration for so many and I personally love reading about your progress and cheering you on along the way. I am not doing the 31 days of writing challenge because I personally have a crazy October with the planned launch of my weekly podcast amongst everything else that I just knew I couldn’t handle it.
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Weekly RoundupMy Profile

    • Thanks, Shannon. I’m still trying to find my groove so I thought this would be good for me and I think it is. You are an inspiration with all you accomplish. :-D

  18. The granddogs are so cute! I know a thing or two about high maintenance dachshunds, so I am sending positive thoughts your way. It’s funny that Tweedledee whines for food – our girl dog does the same thing. They’re fed twice a day 630 am and 630. Her internal clock is amazing – the whining starts right about 623.
    Autumn recently posted…The Many Benefits to Buying in BulkMy Profile

    • I’m not surprised it’s a trait in female dachshunds. Hounds are very food oriented anyways. Their stomachs can tell time! :-D

  19. I voted :-) Congrats on your all-star status!! :-)
    Kara recently posted…Goal Progress – September RecapMy Profile

  20. You are killing it with the debt repayment! I do hope that things pick up for The Irishman and that it was a temporary blip. Monkey Butt is so adorable, he has the funniest faces! Sounds like you have your hands full with dog sitting. I’d like to get into that as everyone in our apartment complex seems to own a dog (very jealous), and I love running into them while walking. So cute!
    Erin @ Journey to Saving recently posted…Being Grateful: Forty-Sixth (Anniversary) EditionMy Profile

    • Me too! Thanks, Erin. Maybe you could do that as a side hustle if people live close. Although dogs are very social and don’t like to be left for long periods time. How do your cats get along with dogs? There’s always an adjustment period, but hard to say if they would get along for short durations or not.

  21. Sounds like you have a good plan. $60k in one year is a lot! I’ll have to check out that list. And yes, I used to dog-sit a lot when I was in college.
    Brandy recently posted…Guest Post: Saving Money While Holiday Gift GivingMy Profile

    • Interesting, I don’t think I ever would have thought about that as a job in college. I guess you like dogs too then? Thanks for the encouragement, Brandy. :-D

  22. What can I say except that you really are an inspiration to us all. Following a plan and being methodical with your savings and paying down debt has really enabled you to truly turn your financial situation around. $160k in over two years is an insane milestone. I guess “ordinary” people can achieve extraordinary feats. But by this latest account you are anything by ordinary. Congrats in this amazing milestone. As always, look forward to your next update.
    DivHut recently posted…Dividends Delivered In Thirty Minutes Or LessMy Profile

    • Thank you, Keith! I learn from so many others, so really the credit and inspiration belongs there. I’m just playing catch up on something I should have implemented a long time ago.

  23. Amazing progress Debs! Keep up the great work!
    Brian @ Debt Discipline recently posted…Net Worth Update: SeptemberMy Profile

  24. I charge everything I possibly can. I’ve never missed a cc payment ever, so I figure I might as well enjoy the rewards.
    Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life recently posted…Create Your Own Opportunities: Crowdfunding EffectivelyMy Profile

    • Yep, my sentiments exactly. I no longer shop for stress relief or as a hobby so overspending is not an issue anymore.

  25. I am moved by your progress in debt repayment. I get inspired by such moves towards financial independece. Keep it up!
    Amos recently posted…The Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard® ReviewMy Profile

  26. Congratulations on your progress, Debs!!! That is so awesome; keep it up! I didn’t know about this website, so I may add my numbers – sometimes seeing the progress really helps.
    Natalie @ Financegirl recently posted…An Overview of Maternity Leave In The United StatesMy Profile

    • You should, Natalie! Hopefully we can spread the word that big debt can be overcome, even if it feels overwhelming and will take a long time. It’s kind of like, well where will you be in 4 years if you don’t start doing something you should do today? Same place or worse, I’d expect. Not gonna go away on it’s own without daily practice and persistence.

  27. Well done Deb with the progress this year. You blew me away with that figure of 160K… awesome! Yes I voted.. :)
    canadianbudgetbinder recently posted…10 Ideas To Save Money On TravelMy Profile

  28. I voted : ) Congrats on your debt-reduction progress. It’s amazing how precise you are with your numbers – within .6% of your goal at this time! And thanks for listing those posts at the end. I’m humbled by your energy! You read and network SO MUCH! And that’s with a full-time job in the balance! You are putting those masses of energy to good use. Keep it up, and all the best with your October debt-reduction!
    Prudence Debtfree recently posted…Debt-Reduction with “Fruclassity”My Profile

  29. Well done! Such a fabulous effort. Being disciplined and having a plan makes all the difference. Thanks for stopping by my blog x
    Michelle @ An Organised Life recently posted…7 Ways to entertain the kids when you are sickMy Profile

  30. Card as we are covered jointly by the card company if something goes wrong and we have spent over £100. We pay it in full at the end of every month.

    Jumbles (my favourite thing to do in the whole world) I pay cash……..small change especially as most items are 30p x
    paidinchickens recently posted…“For Heavens sake just buy the flaming radio”My Profile

    • Thanks for weighing in, PiC! I don’t know what jumbles is but I’m imagining it’s like yard sale shopping. Ya, you’d definitely need cash for that!

  31. I use cash mostly, especially for small purchases because it’s easier to control my spending that way. It’s really awesome that you paid off 160k in that short amount of time! You might be behind now, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to catch and even get ahead! Good luck!
    Poor Student recently posted…Should You Take On Student Loans? How Much is Too Much?My Profile

  32. Amazing Debs! Seeing you nailing it gives me hope and motivation! Keep it up Debs!
    Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted…Financial Impacts of a Global Ebola PandemicMy Profile

  33. I’m amazed every time you put your numbers out — I know you have a LOT of debt, but you are also able to put SO MUCH into repayment — you’re doing so well. Congratulations on another good month & hope that the freelance income rebounds a little….
    Cecilia@thesingledollar recently posted…End of September UpdateMy Profile

    • Thanks, Cecilia. It’s all relative, my numbers. Lots of debt but good income. If I didn’t have the good income, we never would have been able to get into this debt in the first place. So you see, if I scale everything back, I’m no different than all the debt fighters out there. You are so close to having yours gone! Can’t wait to help you get that party started!

  34. Hi Deb, great one on your debt repayment. It’s such a great achievement!
    Kate @ Money Propeller recently posted…Jet Setter Interview – Alicia of Financial DiffractionMy Profile

  35. You’ve really done a great job at paying off your debt! I think you deserve to be number 1 on the Money Smart Guides list. Congratulations!
    Kalen Bruce recently posted…20 Foundational Financial Principles You Can Live ByMy Profile

    • Shucks, thanks, Kalen. I’m actually hoping someone else adds their name above mine so it’s another tracking / measurement for me to achieve to surpass them down the road!

  36. Wow!! Your debt repayment goals are inspiring and truly amazing! Please keep up posts like this one!
    How to Save Money recently posted…Saving Money when Buying HoneyMy Profile

  37. Wow I am in awe just looking at the numbers not to mention reading your post! You are definitely one motivational mama! :o) Congratulations Deb!
    Tennille recently posted…Five Fun Family Activities For October!My Profile

  38. Way to go! $160K in 2.5 years is awesome progress! Keep up the great work. Wishing you nothing but continued success in your personal finance journey! AFFJ
    A Frugal Family’s Journey recently posted…Retirement Accounts (Update) – October 2014My Profile

  39. Paying off that much debt is an incredible accomplishment and you should be so proud of yourself! And to think that you also have projected paying off far more than that by the end of the year. Good job and keep it up – if you continue at this rate you’ll have it all paid off in no time.
    Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter recently posted…What Are You Giving Up to Save Money?My Profile