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Debt Do Run Run


The above was from 1963, I was four years old and The Irishman was eleven.  We just celebrated his 62nd on 9/11 this week.  Yes, fate has linked his birthday to that tragic day never to be forgotten.

So excited about our debt repayment process, I alluded that August was looking good and I’ve had a sneak peak at September and so far so good!  Our debt dropped $6.4K in August (and $3.6K so far in September – not shown).  I’m just shy of my timeline – I should be at 40% paid off towards our debt repayment date of May 18, 2018 but I’m at 39.3%.  I’m hoping I may be ahead of schedule for my September update.  We’ll see.


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Buoyed with this consistent and solid performance, I’ve added a new debt repayment date counter in my sidebar.  It says I am three years to debt repayment, but it’s actually 3 years 8 months.  My stretch target is 3 years 3 months.  I did some calculations yesterday and a got a glimpse that maybe it was down to 3 years 5 months but immediately figured I made a mistake.  I’ll leave a little more time pass and recalculate again.  I don’t want to jinx us, and we still have to get through that dreaded winter where income may fall short again.

This time of year is generally better for us cash flow wise.  The additional payroll deductions that hit in the first part of the year are long gone.  To prepare for winter/spring lower income, I’m boosting up my e-fund/property taxes fund to $15K.  I’m currently at almost $9K.
Now for some exciting news!


Frugal FinCon Fiesta Party

So while I’m running away all my debt, and don’t make enough on my blog to cover my costs plus many other good reasons (check it out if you want a laugh), I’ve conspired with some of my fellow bloggers to do something fun while the rest of you are lollygagging* away in New Orleans.  Before I tell you what’s in it for the rest of us, let me tell you a bit more about FINCON.

  • It’s a conference for financial media – bloggers, journalists and freelance writers, financial advisors and coaches, podcasters and brand marketing experts.
  • There are workshops and speakers on beginner, intermediate and advanced topics to help communicators write better content, broadcast their message to larger audiences, learn to work with new media platforms.
  • It runs from Thu Sep 18 – Sat Sep 20 this year, 2014.
  • There’s a $99 virtual pass where you get lifetime access to all the keynotes and breakout sessions including videos, slides and MP3’s.
  • It costs $499 for the conference fee.  There were other passes available for advanced sessions etc. but they are now sold out.  Hot stuff!
  • You can’t bring your spouse into the sessions / parties unless they are a registered attendee (Guess they’re taking a nap!)
  • There are FinCon mobile apps at the iPhone store or the Google Play Store (Android).
  • The tweet tag is #FinCon14.
  • For more information visit the

*I needed to check the meaning of lollygag to make sure I was using it in the right context.



    1. To idle about; goof off: He has the summer free for play, swimming, berry picking, and general lallygagging/ when my nephew and his companion lollygagged back to my house (1862+)
    2. To kiss and caress; dally; make out, neck, trade spit (1868+)

I think maybe I am, he he, but no worries.  But I just wanna say that if there is any of item #2 above going on, can you at least wait for next year when I can go?

Okay, on to the details about the Frugal FinCon Fiesta Party.

  • It will run Sep 18 – 20 to coincide with FINCON and allow people time to visit other blogs (after all, most of us are working during the day, or taking a nap ;-) )
  • It will be an open linky party using the inlinkz tool.  You do not have to get an account. I have provided the code to insert into your blog post.**  This will display links with pictures to all of the other partyers on your post.  Here is an example from #FinSavSat.  If you do not have a self-hosted blog but use, it will show up as little frog like in this post (from when I used to be on but will take you to the linked blogs.***
  • The purpose is to entertain questions from your readers like J. Money did in Ask J. Money Anything Day and Crystal did in Ask Crystal Anything Days.  Answer the questions in the blog post (like live blogging over a 3 day period, as time permits, of course).  Indicate in the comments when the question has been answered in the post.  If you choose to get the party started by posting some teaser questions and answers about random facts about yourself, then by all means go ahead.  This can be a great way to spawn future blog posts, if the answer is quite complex.
  • I also would like you to encourage non-blogger readers to say ‘hi’, even if they don’t ask a question at this party.
  • Let’s do some banter in the comments as well, not the usual commenter comments and blogger responds.  Let’s mix it up and comment to other’s comments for some $hits and giggles.
  • It will be super hot if you put a picture in the header of your post which you can select for the inlinkz. (or it will give you the option to choose other photos on your blog).  There are tons of great shots if you search on “Fiesta” in to give your post some pizazz!
  • I reserve the right to take down any spammy links or otherwise party-poopers who are not participating in the party with the spirit in which it was intended.
  • TWEET #FrugalFINCONFiesta and HAVE FUN!

** Write your introduction to your post and then click on this link to get the code to be inserted in the text (html view) at the end of your party post.  get the InLinkz code Note:  You will not see it in preview mode.  It needs to be posted live to show up.  If you prefer to test, edit an old post.

Link your own post up to the party by clicking on the little blue box that says “Add your link” at the bottom.

*** Special instructions on how to set this up on is linked here from inlinkz. (non self-hosted blogs)

So what do you have to say about the ‘hotness’ of my debt repayment?  Are you in for the Frugal FinCon Fiesta (Hotness) Party?  Any non-bloggers wanna give me a wink?  ;-)

This post is part of Friday Jet Fuel #10 and



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I am a fifty-something wife, mother and new grandmother, who admits to having their “head in the sand” about their financial situation until amassing $247,500 worth of consumer debt for a total debt of $393,500. We've paid $121K in 2 years with four more years to go. Join my journey at sharing ideas and motivation to all those coping with poor money management and bad debt decisions.

80 thoughts on “Debt Do Run Run

  1. I’m totally confused and excited at the same time. I’m sure this will make more sense when I actually go do it… Can’t wait!!
    Kirsten recently posted…Success Story Saturday + Good ReadsMy Profile

  2. Looks awesome. I can’t wait to party with everyone. Let’s see if we can make #FrugalFINCONFiesta trend!
    May recently posted…High Finance ScandalsMy Profile

  3. Your debt repayment is too hot to handle! You are doing AWESOME Deb!!! You really are an inspiration and you are on a long journey, but it looks like you are having fun along the way, which makes every road trip more enjoyable. And I love your Frugal FinCon Fiesta Party idea! Can people going to FinCon, like me, join in? I hate to miss a party. :-)
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Weekly RoundupMy Profile

    • Thanks, S! Of course you can join in but you’ll prolly be too busy lollygagging ;-) wink wink nudge nudge say no more you know what I mean you know what I mean?

  4. I THINK I understand this, so assuming I do, I’m in!
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…5 (More) Things Every Blogger Struggles WithMy Profile

    • Super DC! We’re gonna do some hanging out on google on the side, because, well you know, we like side hustles. #snort

  5. You are rocking the debt repayment Debs! You are kicking Debt’s ass! Well the Fiesta party sounds like fun, so I’ll be checking on this while I’m lollygagging at FinCon, the first verb action and not the 2nd one just to be clear. Great initiative as usual :)
    Kassandra @ More Than Just Money recently posted…Dear Debt: Success Is The Best RevengeMy Profile

    • What goes on in NOLA, ends up on the internet LOLz, Kassandra! Hope you have a great time! Thanks for the encouragement on, you know, the D word. ;-)

  6. Can’t wait to join in! wow – those entrance fees for FinCon are more than I’ve spent on clothes for 2 years!!!

    And superb work with the debt-busting Debs! Amazing! :)

    Roll on the Fiesta!
    Natalya recently posted…Fit and Free – workout on the cheap!My Profile

  7. Nice job on your road to vanquishing debt!
    SavvyJames recently posted…A SavvyInterview – Talaat & TaiMy Profile

  8. Not 100% sure I know how this works either — but that’s never stopped me before! :-) Count me in.

    And congrats on your debt paydown!
    Jean @ NearlyRetired recently posted…Can I Retire Today? Yes, but I Won’tMy Profile

  9. You’re doing an amazing job of paying off that debt! I am hoping everything continues going well for you. I’ll be attempting to check in on all of this while I’m away. I think I’ll have some free time on Saturday.
    Erin @ Journey to Saving recently posted…Being Grateful: Forty-Third EditionMy Profile

  10. What a great idea, Debs!! (Your email makes more sense now too ;o)

    Good luck with the FinConFIESTA!! If my lollygagging isn’t too extreme, I’ll totally swing by. I love queso.

    And thanks for the link back to #FinSavSat too!
    Mel @ brokeGIRLrich recently posted…Financially Savvy Saturdays #55My Profile

  11. Awesome! I’m in! Um, if I can figure it out!
    Amazing debt repayment progress!
    Kara recently posted…Weekly Blend #4 + Weekend ResolveMy Profile

  12. Congrats on your debt repayment progress! I love all the great visuals!
    Amy recently posted…Weekend PlansMy Profile

  13. I’m stressing. Haha. Hopefully I’ll do this right.

    And you know what…my husband would probably be sleeping through it even if he were allowed to come along. Oh, and if I were going at all in the first place.
    femmefrugality recently posted…Financially Savvy Saturdays Fifty-Fifth EditionMy Profile

  14. I’m sure you will have a great time during this coming FinCon guys! I’m excited to see your photos and updates!
    Kate @ Money Propeller recently posted…Friday Jet Fuel #10My Profile

  15. Congrats on the debt repayment. You’re paying off HUGE chunks. I haven’t quite wrapped my head around the blog hop linky thing yet, but I did just wake up, and it’s sunday, so I’m sure I’ll figure it out. :)
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…My Experience Buying My First HomeMy Profile

  16. You’re blasting through your debt! I’m jealous ;-)
    Victoria @thefrugaltrial recently posted…Fixed RepaymentMy Profile

  17. Congrats on the debt progress. Its amazing how it just takes small steps to start end up making a huge impact. Keep it up!
    LeisureFreak Tommy recently posted…Mormon and Hippie Life LessonsMy Profile

  18. Holy wow you are killing it! Nice work! I love your idea, too. Just FYI there are different price points and the tickets to FinCon get more expensive as time goes on! Early bird cheapy tickets were $200. I unfortunately will not be participating in your fiesta as I fully intend to lollygag all over the place. But I will follow the hashtag and be creepin’ on you :)
    Melanie @ Dear Debt recently posted…Misconceptions About Being Childfree by ChoiceMy Profile

    • Right, I think I remember seeing something on this but that was when I was really new to blogging and barely had an idea what FINCON was. Something I need to keep in mind for next year. Have a great time, Mel, and thanks for the kudos!

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  20. Amazing is the word I can describe about your debt repayment Deb. I am really inspired and look forward to applying it to my life. You seem to enjoy every experience you’re having, which is really good. Frugal FinCon Fiest Party? Sounds cool! Count me in….
    Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted…Getting a Google Nexus 5 Phone ReplacementMy Profile

  21. Congratulations on your debt payoff progress, Deb! I’m so excited and happy for you. Isn’t it neat and exciting to think about being debt free?! I know it is for me. I never want to talk to Sallie Mae again after I’m done ;) .
    Natalie @ Financegirl recently posted…Your Financial Health is Not SetMy Profile

  22. I’m in Debs! Sounds like fun and I think I get it… ;)
    Kayla @ Shoeaholicnomore recently posted…My Fall Savings SecretMy Profile

  23. Wow, Deb. You’re debt repayment is going super well. Love the idea of your fiesta, but I, too, will be lollygagging in New Orleans :)
    Addison @ Cashville Skyline recently posted…#FinCon14: Experiencing New Orleans on the CheapMy Profile

  24. Here’s how I’m pulling FinCon off, if you want to do it next year on a serious budget! (I might have to write a post about this). Apply for the scholarship, covers the cost of the conference plus gives you $100 towards expenses (only for first timers). Churn a credit card, roundtrip flight is $3.20. Home exchange or couch surf. I’m staying in NOLA for free as part of a home exchange. The only things I have to spend money on are food and public transit around town and to the airport. It’ll be more than the $100 I got from my scholarship, but not much.
    Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life recently posted…The Unbelievers: Financial Lessons from an Evidence Based PhilosophyMy Profile

    • Awesome, thanks for the tips, Stefanie. Definitely do a post about that! Will you miss much by not staying at the hotel in the evenings though?

  25. You’re really kicking debt butt, Deb! Way to go! I’ll see you at the fiesta for a little lollygagging of our own!
    Jen @ Save to Splurge recently posted…Why We Chose to ElopeMy Profile

  26. Great progress on the debt repayment!!! I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to join your online fiesta (not that I understand any of it : ) since I’m still on Blogger. Ugh! Still waiting for the change to WordPress. But maybe you’ll do this next year too? You take a lot of initiative, Deb. All the best with this venture!
    Prudence Debtfree recently posted…The Credit Card DebateMy Profile

  27. I can’t wait to meet everyone in person!
    Michelle recently posted…Return to Side Hustle: InstacartMy Profile

  28. Wow, I am super impressed by the debt progress. Can’t wait to see how you’ve done by the end of the month!
    Cecilia@thesingledollar recently posted…Taking aim at the net worth of the marriedMy Profile

  29. Way to go on the debt repayment progress! Woo hoo! And, I’m super excited for #FrugalFINCONFiesta! Even though I still don’t totally understand what we’re doing, I’m excited :)!!!!
    Mrs. Frugalwoods recently posted…Frugal Hound Sniffs: 1500 DaysMy Profile

  30. You are kickin’ it, girlfriend! Way to go! LOVE the idea of the FFF party. :-)
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted…It’s Crazy Time Again: Harvest is HereMy Profile

  31. Good stuff on your way to debt freedom. As I will be at FinCon, you shall be missed. Oh and thanks for the intro to a new word….lollygagging. Ha!
    The Phroogal Jason recently posted…Self-Employed and Buying a House? Watch the Write-Offs.My Profile

    • I must come from a family of lollygaggers and layabouts because it seems this is a word I remember from my youth! Have a good time, Jason, and thanks for the kind words. ;-)

  32. Very good debt progress Debs! Now… I think I am in the boat that is a bit clueless how this Fiesta works, I clicked on the link for Financially Savvy Saturdays, it looks like it is just linking to a single article? Not sure how this works!
    Kipp recently posted…Blog UpdateMy Profile

    • Hey Kipp, at the bottom of the Financially Savvy Saturdays you will see a bunch of thumbnails from all the people who have linked up to that particular #FinSavSat. Come back to me if anything still unclear and I hope you can join in!

  33. Congrats on the aggressive debt take down! You are killing it with the repayment.

  34. So excited about this! Hopefully I do it right!
    Brandy @ bustedbudget recently posted…The Versatile Blogger AwardMy Profile

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  36. You should change your name to debt slayer :-)

    What a great idea for all of us left at home! I can’t wait to join the party.
    Tre recently posted…How Not To Get New Customers…My Profile

    • Hee hee with Game of Thrones popular, Debt Slayer would be good, but I’m a country girl at heart so Debt Wrangler was my first choice! Thanks, Tre, and glad you’re going to join in #FrugalFinConFiesta!

  37. Hmm… I’m still really new at blogging, so I’m not sure if I can join the party, but it does sound like fun. :)

    I also have to say, I did not know the second definition for “lollygag”.

    Wow… who knew?! :)
    Andrew @ Budgetopolis recently posted…Cheap Electronics – hot tech, cool dealsMy Profile

  38. Never considered going to FinCon myself. I know many of the dividend bloggers and PF community like to attend but I just can’t justify the long trek and expense for this event. Perhaps if it moves closer to the west coast I’d consider. Something within a driving range. In any case, keep killing that debt. As I said before blogs like yours are an inspiration to all those underwater. Erase debt, save, invest. Keep fighting the good fight.
    DivHut recently posted…Can REITs Predict Interest Rate MovesMy Profile

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