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Reasons I’m Happy I’m Not Going to FinCon


Well folks, summer est fini! Time to get out those boots, put the burlap on the hedges and settle in for a long winter’s nap. No? Oh, that’s just me then.

Never mind. Well it’s been busy days with lots going on, I think I’m ready for that nap. August was a good month both financially (more on that in a debt update post to come) and blogwise.

I started the month having one of my silly but fun posts featured on RockStar Finance (WOO HOO! ).   I was humbled to tell my consumer debt accumulation story and the emotions behind it on Sam Dogen’s Financial Samurai blog (Big thanks for the opportunity, Sam!).  I also snagged a guest post spot at Frugal Rules while John and fam damily are on vacation (What a great audience to tell our big boo boos to!)   I aim to please, folks, but mostly get my message out. So if you know of someone struggling with debt and want to help them or warn them, use me as a introductory guinea pig to break the ice and start the conversation.   I won’t be offended if you laugh at me. Why else would I open myself up to public humiliation with a blog of our story, if not for the greater good?

Kirsten shared her awesome devotion here (Did you know she’s a Plutus Finalist in Religious Blog category?) and Kassandra and I did a swappy-swap leaving us both feeling like we’ve been doing some major cross border shopping replying to comments on each other’s blogs. (She’s good, hire her!)


So in some ways I just wanna keep on going, party-hardy , let the games begin. Only one small problem, I’m like $127 in the hole at this point on my blog and cannot justify the expense to go FINCON this year which makes me really sad (cue whomp whomp sound). But I’m not going to wallow, no sirree.   Like Kali says ~ Life is Hard so Toughen Up so I’m going to turn this ship around and look at the positive side of not going to FINCON.

So without further ado, since I like to do the Top Ten Lists, I give you, my tongue-in-cheek…


fincon-no10 – I’ve heard the ALS ice bucket challenge is over and I’m busy collecting buckets as a side hustle.

9 – I couldn’t get anyone to share a room with me because I snore.

8 – The weather forecast is calling for Indian Summer here sometime during September 18 – 20 and I don’t wanna miss all 9 minutes of it.

7 – I still haven’t run out of reruns of Hot in Cleveland, Big Bang Theory or Two and Half Men to watch on our OTA (Over the Air) TV since we cut the cord.

6 – I’m too cheap to renew my Canadian passport that expired earlier this year.

5 – I’m such a good customer that the bank gave me an ankle bracelet but for some reason said I wasn’t to leave the neighbourhood.

4 – I need to mind my imaginary dog at my imaginary dog minding side hustle business that Crystal and Debbie are helping guide me to set up.

fincon-dog3 – I don’t want to show my boobs (even though they are fabulous!)
fincon-baby2 – I still need to lose my freshman 15.
1 – I started training for the Forrest Gump marathon too late and I won’t make it to NOLA in time.

So who’s all going, anyways?  What are we supposed to do while y’all are out?
Will there be a blogging shutdown and we can all take a nap?

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Author: debster

I am a fifty-something wife, mother and new grandmother, who admits to having their “head in the sand” about their financial situation until amassing $247,500 worth of consumer debt for a total debt of $393,500. We've paid $121K in 2 years with four more years to go. Join my journey at sharing ideas and motivation to all those coping with poor money management and bad debt decisions.

128 thoughts on “Reasons I’m Happy I’m Not Going to FinCon

  1. I’m bitter-sweet on not getting to FinCon. I want to try to go next year though. This year is just not in the cards because I’m still paying down debt, and I don’t have enough blog income to cover that cost from Canada. Next year will be a totally different story. Hopefully it’s somewhere cool then as well.

    Also, I think it’s hilarious that you said “…and they are fabulous!” about your own boobs! It cracked me up!
    Alicia recently posted…Bizarre Line Of Credit CalculationsMy Profile

  2. You’ve been busy Debs, keep up the great work. I’m not attending, still working on my last bit of my debt snowball. Maybe next year.
    Brian @ Debt Discipline recently posted…Sweet Side HustleMy Profile

  3. Hey, are you gonna apply for the 10 year passport when you get around to it? I think I will next time I’m in Montreal for an extended period just to make my life simpler. Awesome top ten my friend :) I’ll be covering FinCon for you!
    Kassandra @ More Than Just Money recently posted…Epic PF Fail: I’m Making the NYPD Rich!My Profile

    • Yep, I’m gonna get the ten year. I’m waiting for when I need to travel for work, as they will cover the cost if so. Thanks for your support, K! :-)

  4. Hahah! Nice. I am sad I’m not going to FinCon this year! But now I’m a littttle less sad knowing you won’t be there either, so I won’t miss out on meeting you :). Hope, hope, hoping to go next year! I need the year to figure out my strategy for smuggling Frugal Hound in… will be challenging as she is a 60lb greyhound and does not fit in a duffle bag. Ideas welcome.
    Mrs. Frugalwoods recently posted…Frugal Hound Sniffs: Financially BlondeMy Profile

    • Likewise, I am sad you are not going especially since your blog was nominated in best humour category so that’s not funny. But I am happy that I will get to meet you next year. By then I will have my dog sitting business going and I can dogsit FrugalHound, who cares about the p resentations. ha ha. Hoping it will be drivable distance.

  5. Thanks for a shout out :-)

    I’m not going to there either, do don’t shut down your blog! We can keep each other blog-company!

    Finances (and a babysitter) would be an issue for us, too, but I also used up all my leave for maternity leave. I won’t have any more paid days off until October. Maybe next year?

    Plus, like your don’t want to miss fall. I’m sure it will come and go that weekend!
    Kirsten recently posted…3 Reasons My Blog is MoreMy Profile

    • Ya, well dunno where it is next year but I’m kinda hoping we can drive there as I want to bring The Irishman.

  6. Oh my Debs, this is hilarious! Your 10 reasons are just too funny :) Anyways I better stop reading because people at work are going to wonder why I am bursting out in laughter… but I needed to remove myself for a second from the eyesore that is open enrollment.
    Kipp recently posted…Net Worth Update – AugustMy Profile

  7. I’m wondering if the blogosphere will be all crickets during FinCon, too. I’m not going either, but I’ll be away anyway, so maybe I won’t feel too bummed about it. Loved that marine post, btw- your humorous and creative take on things is awesome!
    Lauren recently posted…How I Started Freelance Writing (and how you can, too!)My Profile

  8. Oh you just cheered up my rather dull afternoon x
    paidinchickens recently posted…Dairy withdrawal side affects.My Profile

  9. I think that’s a great idea to plan for next year, maybe I will take all the change in my piggy bank and go!
    Even Steven recently posted…August Recap and Even Earlier Financial IndependenceMy Profile

  10. Hahaha I loved this post Debs. All very good reasons to not attend :) Next year maybe!
    Downstairs and in Debt recently posted…I’m a Thousandaire!My Profile

  11. Ha!!! This is too funny Deb!! I am bummed that you won’t be going to FinCon! Now I can’t get drunk with you and comment on your fabulous boobs. :-) I have my fingers crossed that next year your blog is rolling in the dough and we can hang out together!
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Beware of the CuteMy Profile

    • LMAO, you’re on, Shannon! I’m there for that next year for sure! ;-) Hope you have a great time with everyone.

  12. Every time I see Budget and the Bees I think its my site. :) I’m not going to fincon either (cancelled earlier this summer because my roommate bailed) which in my situation right not is a good thing, but having gone before I can add to the list that you are saving beer calories, you’re probably getting a lot more rest if you stay home, and you aren’t spreading cold germs around to weakened immune systems. :) I had suggested a Skype party where they can phone us in, but hmmm, no one responded. Oh well, we an have our own conversation on twitter or Skype. Enjoy the 9 minutes of summer! :)
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…Let’s Talk Money over a Free Lunch!My Profile

    • Ya, we’re going to have to do some tweeting, skyping or live blogging while drinking for sure, Tonya. ;-) Actually that might be kind of fun. Maybe we can do that ask the blogger question thing that J.Money did recently and just blog hop around. Hmmm… wheels turning…. wanna co-host it with me?

  13. Very funny stuff! Since Letterman is retiring, you should take over! :)
    Noonan recently posted…A Saver’s Guide to Instant GratificationMy Profile

  14. I love your top ten list! I busted out laughing a couple of times.

  15. I’m too frugal to go to FinCon LOL. I would really really love to meet some other bloggers in person, but can’t justify the cost. Maybe if it’s closer to home someday I’ll go. But then there’s also the fact that I can’t bear to leave my kids overnight. I’ve never done so in my 6+ years as a mom!

  16. Haha love your top 10 list. Awesome! I’m sad you won’t be going to FinCon. One day we MUST meet :)
    Michelle recently posted…$14,156 in August Business IncomeMy Profile

  17. These reasons are awesome! haha. Collecting buckets, huh? I bet there are a lot of them. My son is actually turning 1 year old during FinCon, so there is not way I could miss that. I have had several people ask if I was going, but when I tell them it’s my son’s 1st (technically 2nd) birthday, they understand. However, I fully intend to be there next year and I can’t wait!
    Kalen Bruce recently posted…8 Little-Known Financial Benefits of Being in the MilitaryMy Profile

    • Glad you agree, Kalen. ;-) You have a great reason to miss it. Is this your adopted son? Happy 1-2 Birthday to him!! :-)

  18. lol at the top 10! Yeah, I wish I could budget FinCon as well, but I feel like maybe I need to get to know more people within the PF blog community and pay off my debts first =)
    Ciel Belle recently posted…Debt Breakdown Part I : Credit CardsMy Profile

  19. LOL! Great list, Deb. I’m not going to FinCon either. Some day I hope to make it there as I’d love to meet people face-to-face but there is too much going on for me to leave my practice. I’m glad things are going well for your blog! It’s a great one!
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted…A Look into Long-Term Care InfographicMy Profile

    • Thanks for the kind words, Shannon. Hopefully we will meet next time! Glad things are going well with your practice. :-)

  20. I actually feel like there are more people not going than those who are! I’m really sad I won’t get to meet so many of my favorite bloggers. If I could smuggle you down there, I would =). As it is, I opted to take the cheaper route and drive. That probably won’t be very fun, but I feel like it should be worth it in terms of opportunities. I’ll be sure to share it with everyone. Tonya’s Skype idea isn’t bad, either, haha. I think I remember last year being a bit quieter on the blogging front during that week. Not as many people were checking in to comment.
    Erin @ Journey to Saving recently posted…September Budget PreviewMy Profile

    • Awww.. how sweet, Erin! I think it’s great that you guys can drive there. I hope you have a great time and get a lot out of it. :-D

  21. I’m not going either. I’m hoping to go to the Canadian Personal Finance Conference this year. Just waiting to hear back from Krystal of Give Me Back My Five Bucks as to when it will happen. Hopefully, soon. :)
    MakintheBacon recently posted…Fandemonium at FanExpo!My Profile

    • Oh I don’t even know about this conference. Let me know when you know more about this. Thanks a bunch and thanks for dropping by and commenting! :-)

  22. I’m not going to FinCon either… because you didn’t tell me about it until now. :)

    Just kidding… I’m REALLY new to blogging (just started my first blog in August), and don’t know what FinCon is. Guessing it must be a PF conference? Anyway, I enjoyed reading this thread. It’s great when you can find humor in any situation. I like your top ten list. :)

    I read your blog all the way back to where you talked about migrating to the self-hosted service. Like you, I’m new to blogging and the technical how-to’s and why-for’s. I will be adding your blog to my list of favorites.
    Andrew @ Budgetopolis recently posted…Coupon Sharing – It is Saving or Stealing?My Profile

    • Oh how nice, Andrew! A new reader. I like your comment! I’ll check out your blog soon, so much to learn. If I can be of any assistance, shoot me an email. I can’t always be prompt, but I try to make up for it with jokes. ;-)

  23. Well that was good for a laugh!
    I’m not going, either :-) Maybe next year!
    Anne @ Money Propeller recently posted…My Experience Renting My House Out on AirBnBMy Profile

  24. Won’t be going this year either – will be in Tofino surfing again! I might be going next year so I hope you and all the others who “aren’t going this year but might next year” go next year and we can all be noobies together!
    Steve recently posted…Dumb Money Decisions: The LotteryMy Profile

  25. Would love to go but its just to far to justify and plus I am not allowed in the states lol
    Asset-Grinder recently posted…August 2014 Dividend and Monthly Report UpdateMy Profile

    • LOL read above, AG, there’s supposed to be something in Canada sometime apparent although I know nothing about it.

  26. I’m not going either, so we can both not go together :) They should have FinCon in Canada next year. That would be awesome. My pick for location would be Montreal, Ottawa, or Vancouver.
    Liquid recently posted…30 Financial Milestones By Age 30My Profile

  27. Glad to know you have fabulous boobs, Deb :D Thanks for the mention. I LOLed at the phrase “side hustle”. Sorry you couldn’t go to your convention this year, but hope you do get there next time. New Orleans would be such fun!
    Debbie recently posted…WRITING ABOUT WRITINGMy Profile

  28. I WISH you were going though because I want to meet you!!! Next year??

  29. I couldn’t stop laughing after reading this list, too funny! Laughed my butt off at the Indian Summer lasting 9 minutes and the Lindsay Lohan bracelet…sad though that I won’t be able to meet you at Fincon :(
    Michelle recently posted…One Chair At A TimeMy Profile

    • No worries, Michelle, I’m sure we’ll meet some day. I’m glad you laughed your butt off. Would you endorse me as a weight reduction program for my new side hustle?

  30. Hahaha! So funny! I’m not going either, but planning on next year!
    Kara recently posted…Budget Tales: I Saved $18.99 on a Halloween CostumeMy Profile

  31. I am not going — because until about 10 minutes ago I was not sure if I was a PF blogger. It does sound like a fun time though. Someone on Twitter was suggesting we could do a G+ party or maybe a twitter party. Could be fun?
    Your top tens are a blast!
    May recently posted…Do You Work with Crazy People?My Profile

  32. I’ll hang out with you! Maybe we can take over everyone else’s blogs while they are away :-)
    Tre recently posted…Investment PropertiesMy Profile

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  34. I’ve been blogging for four freakin’ years and I’ve never been to FINCON. Can you believe that? I just always book trips for my travels at the same time as FINCON is going on. Not purposely. Anyway, the attendees on Twitter will be live tweeting the events and I don’t think we’ll miss out that much .. right? Haha
    Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter recently posted…What If We All Only Had One Child?My Profile

  35. Funny top ten Debs, I didnt expect that. I am not going either, as I am going away in early October with the family. Maybe Next year for me as well. I understand its hard to justify going, when there’s debt involved and the blog income is not consistent. Good Stuff and Good luck with your freshman 15.

  36. You are insanely hilarious! OMG collecting ice buckets had me LOLing all over the place. :) I didn’t go to FinCon last year, but I’m very happy to go this year. I think it’s common to not go in your first year of blogging, then go in your second year.
    Melanie @ My Alternate Life recently posted…It’s Time To Start Saving for ChristmasMy Profile

  37. You are insanely hilarious! Your ice bucket side hustle had me LOLing. I didn’t go to FinCon last year, but am excited to go this year. I wish you were coming!
    Melanie @ My Alternate Life recently posted…It’s Time To Start Saving for ChristmasMy Profile

    • Yes, I realize this is a double comment but it was so super (and slightly different) I put them both through. You are super duper.

  38. Funny list Debs! Congrats on all your hard work in August, you killed it blog-wise and I can’t wait to see your amazing debt progress too. :)
    Kayla @ Shoeaholicnomore recently posted…Guest Post: 7 Things To Do When You’ve Blown Your Budget and a GIVEAWAY!My Profile

  39. You definitely have way too many exciting things to do to bother attending Fincon! I love these posts Debs, always make me smile :)

    You’re really tearing it up, or ‘kicking goals’ as we like to say in Australia – was awesome to see your post on Financial Samurai! Hope you do manage to get a quick nap in while everyone is away Fincon-ing it up!
    Jason @ Islands of Investing recently posted…Finding your investment rhythmMy Profile

    • ‘Kicking goals’, I like that! Thanks for the kind words, Jason! Do you guys have any types of conferences for PF types in Australia? I think I only know one other Australian PF blogger – Cheapskate Cathy, but I’m sure there is more, I just haven’t come across yet.

      • No Australian PF conferences that I know of – but I really only just learnt about the whole FinCon thing. Great idea to look into though! I may need to start one myself :) Anyone up for a more ‘exotic’ FinCon ‘down-under’ next year??

        Haven’t come across many Aussie bloggers yet either – I might need to go pay cheapskate Cathy a visit! Thanks Debs!
        Jason @ Islands of Investing recently posted…Finding your investment rhythmMy Profile

        • Oh, I think I came across another Aussie yesterday. I think I added them to my blog reader, but now I can’t remember their name. I’ll let you know.

  40. Debs,

    Congrats on all of your guest posting and blogging success as of late. Cheers to that!! :)

    I’m also not attending FinCon, unfortunately. I made that decision early on in the year, before I was making much income from my online endeavors. Now that things have grown a bit I would like to attend next year. We shall see! Sounds like there would be a bunch of us newbies going next year, if everything works out.

    Keep up the great work!

    Best regards.
    Dividend Mantra recently posted…Recent BuyMy Profile

    • Awesome, Jason and thank you! Hopefully we’ll meet next year. Thank you so much for including this post in your weekly reading. :-D I’ve been off-line all weekend (no internet at my Dad’s cottage) and now playing catch-up!

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  43. As someone who lives on the other side of the world, I never go to these either!
    NZ Muse recently posted…So Good They Can’t Ignore You: A manifesto for realistsMy Profile

    • Do you know many PF bloggers from NZ? You are the only one I’ve come across. Do they have any blogging in general conferences in NZ?

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  45. Oh the bit about your boobs… I’ve been laughing for a minute.

    Oooooh and I can actually say LOL and mean it!
    Will L. First Quarter Finance recently posted…Switching to Online Classes Boosted My GPA from 3.2 to 4.0My Profile

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  47. Very valid reasons indeed…LOL…Who knows, maybe the bucket collection side hustle might pay for Fincon next year….hahaha…with spin-offs along the way ;)
    Well, see yah next year.
    Simon E. recently posted…Travelocity Rewards American Express Card ReviewMy Profile

    • Ya, but I might feel obliged to donate my side hustle bucket income to ALS. Note to self: Think through the implications of side hustle ideas – even if they are fantastic! ;-)

  48. Hahahaha, the part about your boobs! :D Yes, I’m a little child sometimes. Scratch that, all the times.

    Also, you forgot the best reason: your favourite Belgian blogger won’t be there! Mostly because he didn’t know about FinCon until a week or two ago and because traveling there is expensive as all hell.

    Thanks for a great laugh!
    No More Waffles recently posted…Advice from a Belgian Newspaper on Saving Following the New ECB Interest RateMy Profile

    • LOL, I’m a big child all the time too. Guess that’s why we connect so well, Waffles. I feel I can call you that now, we’re much more familiar with each other now that I’ve told you my boobs are fabulous. Definitely time to drop the ‘No More’. I’ll start a campaign to take FINCON to Belgium in 2016, because I expect 2015 is already decided. But you may be retired by then. ;-)

  49. LOL, thanks for a much needed giggle on a Sunday night. We are winding down from a crazy busy weekend and getting ready for another crazy busy week, so a giggle was just what I needed. :-) We are not going to FINCON either, but next year, hopefully all of us who couldn’t make it can join in the partying fun. :-)
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted…July/August 2014 RecapMy Profile

    • Sounds like a plan, Laurie! Thanks a lot and I’m glad you got a giggle out of it. We had a busy weekend too. Mouse droppings in the cottage (my Dad’s) and we had to clean out all the cupboards with bleach and wash everything. I hope your week turns out to be not too crazy and totally fabulous (like my boobs)!

  50. I won’t be attending this year either. As we are in the midst of paying off our debt and when I do go I would like for it to be because the blog paid for me to go. Who knows when that will be, but hopefully it will be sooner than latter.
    Tennille recently posted…September GoalsMy Profile

    • I hear ya, Tennille. I’m gonna try a number of different angles to generate the income. Good luck to you with this too!

  51. I am wondering who are those people who will attend to FinCon. Lots of people I know are passing for this one. That being said, I am still planning to go, this is my first time. Hope I will have fun!
    Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted…5 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Money OnlineMy Profile

    • Well I hope you have a great time and get lots out of it, Jayson. Maybe a Top Ten list of learnings will be in order! ;-)

  52. Hahah! I love this, Deb! :) I’m not going to FinCon either and I’m already having major FOMO. I appreciate your list.
    Natalie @ Financegirl recently posted…The 80 20 Rule and What It Means For Your MoneyMy Profile

    • I didn’t have it until I learned the acronym FOMO and then I got it bad. Kind of like looking up medical conditions on the internet. Sometimes it’s best to just leave it alone. Don’t worry, Natalie we’ll figure something out to do. ;-)

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  54. I’m sorry you can’t make it to FinCon, but I totally understand. It’s hard to justify such an expensive trip when you’re paying off debt! Maybe next year =)

  55. I’m going but I have yet to book anything because I’m being a cheapskate and trying to figure out ways to do it cheaper. Purchase paralysis is going to bite me in the ass.
    Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life recently posted…What Can I Learn From My “Archetype”?My Profile

    • LOL, I’m sure you’ll figure it out, Stef! Of course, you’re such an awesome runner, you might consider the Forrest Gump route.

  56. Haha, I love #4, it reminds me of that post over at Project Ikonz where he convinced people he was going to start building doggie mansions.
    Mel @ brokeGIRLrich recently posted…TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates: My Extremely Cheap ExperienceMy Profile

  57. This is my second year of blogging, but first year at FinCon. I had plans to go last year, but had to cancel right before due to work. I wouldn’t go if I had debt to pay down. It just doesn’t make sense.
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted…Our Net Worth – From -$75,000 to Over $140,000My Profile

    • Wow, I didn’t know you would be a noobie this year, Grayson! Enjoy! Let me know if it’s worth it, even if you have debt but can fund it with side hustles. ;-)

  58. I loved your top ten list, Lol :) I am not going to FinCon either…no room in the budget considering our big move this year.

    Love this post, your list is hilarious! Also, I love the cat typing :)
    Mackenzie recently posted…More Adventures in PortlandMy Profile

  59. I’m not going this year. With the husband’s new job, it would be a big burden for him to get the child to and from where she needs to go. That’s a great list. Maybe we can both go next year.
    Kim recently posted…My Ambitious Plan To Get 3 People To Europe With Points And MilesMy Profile

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  61. I’m not going to the FinCon either and I don’t regret it (yet). I’m not financially capable to pay for the trip, plus, seeing there are already a lot of bloggers who attend it, I’ll just wait for them to tell what’s happening there :D Maybe next year though!
    Poor Student recently posted…College Students Should Start Planning For Their Retirement Now!My Profile

    • I think there’s plenty of time if you think you are in it for the long haul. Plus think of how much smarter you will be by next year and how much better your questions will be?

  62. We can go to the local Tim Horton’s again! Glad I don’t need to go to FinCon to meet you : )
    Prudence Debtfree recently posted…Small Miracle for Debt-ReductionMy Profile

    • Me too, Prudence! I feel a coffee date coming up in the fall sometime when the pumpkin spice latte’s return. ;-)

  63. Ah… man! Not going to FinCon14? Well, it’s a good thing you have so many great reasons to stay. I hear you on the Indian Summer stuff. I struggled with potentially missing the nice weather, but figured the sweltering heat in NOLA would make up for it.

    The Forrest Gump marathon? Maybe I can start training now to get in shape for travel to FinCon15. Thanks for the tip!

    Maybe you can have a mini-FinCon at home: listen to the financial podcasts being broadcast from the event, drink cocktails every evening from the 18-20, sit on uncomfortable “conference-type chairs” while watching TV and throw 100+ business cards in the trash because you know that’s where they’d be going anyway (I mean who still uses those ;) ?). I can always photoshop you in a pic or two to help it all come together. It’ll feel like you were there!

    Thanks for the laughs, F2P.
    Free to Pursue recently posted…The “Burger Flippin'” RuleMy Profile

    • LOL, I like your style! Some great tips, if it turns out I can’t make it next year, I’m definitely following that advice. Have a great time and thanks for swinging by!

  64. I’m not going! I work in FP&A and we will be finishing up the 8+4 forecast. I think FinCon would be fun but my blog/business would be better off spending 3-4 days on my computer improving my site and planning content. Not to be a downer about FinCon, but if I did go it would be for the fun and not so much for the blog growth.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…How Recovering Spenders Can Become FrugalMy Profile

    • Ah yes, those financial planning days… I remember those well, DC. Everyone is short on time, but PF bloggers especially! hee hee #firstworldproblems

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