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Backed by the innovator of the glass board and world’s largest manufacturer of visual communication glass boards, empowerED™ was born from our passion, appreciation and admiration of the teachers in our own lives. Teachers are the true heroes, responsible for educating the next generation of leaders. They often find themselves reaching into their own pockets to buy supplies and teaching tools for their classrooms. After listening to teachers throughout the country, we heard their desire for a premium glass board writing experience to their classrooms.

Teachers not only want a premium glass board writing experience, but they also want portability and flexibility. Recreating content time after time diminishes the time they must teach.

With their feedback in mind, we designed the empowerED™ Visual Communication System.

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Why ultra-thin glass?
Eliminate the dirty whiteboard and bring glass to your class.

Our ultra-thin glass offers you a premium writing experience by providing brighter, bolder, and clearer lines. Glass reduces light refraction and shadows, which helps you to avoid translucent, washed-out images and improves the projection-viewing experience for the class.

Our glass also goes through a tempering process, which adds strength and durability. This makes the system’s glass safe for teachers and students to interact with and alleviates the fear of shattering. Glass is also very easy to clean and disinfect, which reduces germs in the school environment.

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