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Fixed, Flexible, and Gliding Over All


With Glass is in Session, we’ve focused a lot on the innovative design that Clarus has brought to the glassboard industry, and in many regards, the path that they’ve paved for glassboards in general. Our past several episodes have been with Vice President of Brand & Marketing, Brittney Ricks, as she’s broken down the product line-up at Clarus and what makes each installation unique, industry specific, and one of a kind.

For this episode, we wrap up our look at Clarus’ product offerings by exploring Glide, the final glassboard added to Clarus’ collection. Unlike its counterparts, Glide attempts to be both fixed and flexible; in essence, it’s a sliding glassboard on a wall. Though it may sound simple, it’s far from it.

“The easy part is finding out people’s pain points, but then you go back to the drawing board and you’re like, ‘oh gosh! How are we going to actually make this?’ Because glass is pretty heavy,” said Ricks. The Clarus design team knew that to make Glide a success, it had to be as seamless as their other staple products, meaning no visible hardware, ADA code compliant, and sleek to operate.

On the podcast, Ricks details the design challenges of the Glide product, how it’s a perfect representation of a product that responds to the market’s voice, and which surprising industries, like Hospitality, have seen great use out of its integratabtle and flexible capabilities.