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I Just Paid Off my Cash Advance Credit Card


… and other stuff

But first

I am excited to be guest posting at Financial Samurai today.  Steps To Get Out Of MASSIVE Credit Card Debt Due To Lifestyle Inflation.

Steps To Get Out Of MASSIVE Credit Card Debt Due To Lifestyle Inflation – See more at:
Steps To Get Out Of MASSIVE Credit Card Debt Due To Lifestyle Inflation – See more at:
Steps To Get Out Of MASSIVE Credit Card Debt Due To Lifestyle Inflation – See more at:
Steps To Get Out Of MASSIVE Credit Card Debt Due To Lifestyle Inflation – See more at:

And second

I want to thank everyone who commented for their support on my last post Thoughts on Suicide which was incredibly difficult to write.  Actually I take that back, it was quite cathartic to write and was written very easily.  What I didn’t expect was the after effect.  I felt quite drained for a few days.  But that’s okay, it needed to be said.  It is very comforting to see the number of people who have written on this topic recently, not only from the sufferers perspective but from the caregivers perspective as well.  I know both sides of this coin, so I fully endorse these views.

One Year Blogiversary from Green Money Stream – Kay has shared that she recently has been dealing with depression and I want to support her in any way I can.

Why Do We Wait from Budget and the Beach – Tonya has written some wonderful prose that is well worth reading and heeding.  Thanks for sharing my post, too!


The Impact of Mental Illness and Suicide from The Money Pincher – her experience with her father’s death, full of regrets, laments and frustrations, keeping it real.

You Are Not Alone from The Pursuit of Riches – Debby’s been touched by this illness and has learned much compassion, something we can all use a little more of.

Being Grateful: Thirty-Ninth Edition from Journey to Saving – E.M. shares her dark ages and her journey to the light, and what a bright light she is in our PF world!

I was so inspired by some things said, I turned some quotes into picture tweets:



Thanks to Shannon for linking my post in her roundup: Blog Round-Up: Week of August 11, 2014


There is hope for all those who are suffering.  Keep trying and tell someone who can help you.  Do not suffer alone in fear of being a burden to your family or friends.  Give them a chance to help guide you.  If you don’t get the support you need, tell someone else (and forgive them, they may have their own burdens not yet known).  By all means draw on your support network, and part of that support network is you.

And finally third

I’m so late in getting my debt update from beginning of August done.  I was supposed to do this Sat and well, read above.  It’s going to plan which is great.  I don’t have my little graph updated but will do that next month.   So here are the numbers:


click to enlarge


Time wise I am 39% through to our May 18, 2018 debt payoff date, but I am only 37.6% through the debt.  Not going to get all panicky about this yet.

Okay, so you are going to say what does this post at all have to do with Low Rate Cash Advance Credit Cards?  Well see the number under credit cards above for $6,014 above?  Well that was as of August 1, and included in that number was $2082.21 still owing on our 11 month 0.99% cash advance credit card for which we paid $24K against our mortgage and have been slowly paying off all year.   That is now paid off as of Friday!  Yay!  All of my angst about the winter months of low income and having to dip into our emergency fund are behind me (for now!).  So ya, whew!  All in a day in the life of a personal finance debt blogger.

Now you have a good week now, y’hear.


Author: debster

I am a fifty-something wife, mother and new grandmother, who admits to having their “head in the sand” about their financial situation until amassing $247,500 worth of consumer debt for a total debt of $393,500. We've paid $121K in 2 years with four more years to go. Join my journey at sharing ideas and motivation to all those coping with poor money management and bad debt decisions.

85 thoughts on “I Just Paid Off my Cash Advance Credit Card

  1. Woohoo congrats on the debt payoff… and everything else.
    Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life recently posted…Four Tips for Decorating On a BudgetMy Profile

  2. Yay! No more Cash Advance! It’s gotta feel great to have a little more breathing room. (.. But don’t say winter. That’s a dirty word ;) )
    Kate@GoodnightDebt recently posted…If not paying down debt, then what?My Profile

    • Agreed! Dirty word. Not saying I’m not not gonna use the low rate cash advance again in the future some day. For now I’m keeping it closed because we need to renegotiate our mortgage rate which is due for renewal March 2015. Once that is done, I will look for opportunities.

  3. ugh I know about slow months and dipping into the emergency fund. Happening to me right now. Nice job on your debt repayment. I love your chart. I’m sure it’s a lot easier to stay focused when you see the numbers laid out right in front of you! Thanks for featuring my article as well!
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…How The Tough Get GoingMy Profile

    • You bet, Tonya. Oh the benefits of an emergency fund when you are self employed! I know you were looking for F/T again, is that still being pursued?

  4. That must feel awesome! Great job on getting that sucker gone! And awesome job on having a post on Financial Samurai!!! You’re traffic will likely spike today. :)
    Alicia recently posted…Quirks I Learned From My ParentsMy Profile

    • It’s great that we were able to stay on plan, despite some tenuous months in winter. But then again, that’s what got me to start blogging!!! Hidden benefit. I couldn’t handle the stress and had to tell the world. LOL Thanks, Alicia! :-D

  5. You amaze me! Great job doing that guest post and wonderful news about paying off the card! You go!!!
    Kirsten recently posted…How to Take Charge of Your FutureMy Profile

  6. Doesn’t that feel great? Congrats!
    Brandy@bustedbudget recently posted…My Goals for 2014My Profile

    • It does, especially because things were tenuous at the beginning of the year. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Brandy.

  7. Whoop Whoop! Congrats on paying off that card!
    Retired by 40 recently posted…Spent: Looking For Change – a Critical Look at US Banking SystemMy Profile

  8. Awesome news, congrats!! It’s fun when you have those wins to look forward to. So there you go, that’s one of many reasons why you’re awesome =). Thanks so much for the kind words and sharing my posts. Off to check your guest post out!
    E.M. recently posted…Being Grateful: Thirty-Ninth EditionMy Profile

  9. Congrats Deb! That payoff is a huge achievement, and definitely worth getting excited over!
    Lauren recently posted…How to Become a Minimalist Without Even TryingMy Profile

  10. Congrats on paying off the credit card before the low offer expired Deb! Now I’m heading off to check out your guest post on Financial Samurai – another kudos to you!!!
    Kassandra @ More Than Just Money recently posted…Financial Fire Drill – Are You Ready?My Profile

  11. Congratulations! I bet you feel great :) Definitely worth getting excited for!
    Nicola recently posted…The Weekend Edition #8My Profile

    • I’m thankful and grateful and I have to babysit at 4:30. How’s that for a random useless piece of information? Thanks, Nicola!

  12. Congrats on kicking another creditor to the curb! That’s a great rate that you had there, good call on using that card.
    Also many congrats on guest posting on Sam’s blog! I’ll go read it, too.
    Have an awesome week.
    Anne @ Money Propeller recently posted…I Hired a VA (and it’s Awesome)My Profile

    • Thanks, Anne! I appreciate it! You’ve helped me to gain some confidence to kudos and thank you to you for that. :-D

  13. Congrats on paying off the card, congrats on your awesome guest post and congrats on your picture tweets. I wish I was half as creative as you! You are an inspiration!
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Music Mondays I Knew You Were TroubleMy Profile

    • Thank you Shannon and likewise! I’m glad you liked my guest post. I was really honoured that the Samurai asked me. :-D

  14. Paying off debt is good and paying off high interest cash advance credit card debt is great!
    Even Steven recently posted…I make $0 writing about my Personal Finance LifeMy Profile

    • It was LOW interest credit card, Steven, at 0.99%. We used it to make a $24K mortgage prepayment last Sept. on a mortgage at 2.89%. So I saved 1.90% interest on a declining balance over the 11 months. Not a lot, but hey, I’m like Holly is with her credit card hacking. ;-)

  15. Congratulations on paying off that debt! Awesome job. Thanks so much for your support and caring – it really does mean a lot and is appreciated. Have a great week!

  16. Big congrats on the payoff!!!
    Amy recently posted…Last Week’s Frugal HighsMy Profile

  17. Congrats on the debt repayment, Deb! That had to have felt great! I’m glad you’re getting such positive feedback on your post last week too. It was a powerful piece and I bet it did feel good to share. Thank you for also mentioning me, I appreciate the support!
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted…How to Get Your Financial Affairs in Order and Protect Your Family When You Are GoneMy Profile

    • It helps when people like yourself talk about it too. We talk about the shame of personal finance mistakes but people also feel the shame of mental illness in themselves and their families – both for no good reason, but for mental health even more! Thanks, Shannon… have a great week!

  18. Don’t stress about that little difference between 39% and 37.6% There are far too many unpredictable circumstances for a debt repayment forecast to be completely accurate. The point is, you’re going in the right direction at a very good rate : )
    Prudence Debtfree recently posted…Debt-Freedom = Freedom to do What You Love: Learning from my Co-op StudentsMy Profile

  19. Congrats on the debt payoff milestone. I think smart move on using the debt with the low interest and having the plan to pay them off!
    Jason @ Phroogal recently posted…Money Journey: My Financial Mistakes Made in CollegeMy Profile

    • Thanks Jason. We are being smart about it now. My husband used this strategy before but lost track of it sometimes (apparently) so I always caution people to be extremely diligent.

  20. I love debt paid off updates! Keep up the good work remember-you’re not alone.
    Michelle recently posted…The American Homeless Problem-DenverMy Profile

  21. Congrats on paying it off. You are making great progress. Note to self – time to track own debt a little better.
    Also – congrats on the guest post I will have to go check it out. Lifestyle inflation yep.
    May recently posted…Am I a Personal Finance Blogger?My Profile

    • Thanks, May. Every second Friday when I get paid our mortgages are paid. I love to update my numbers and amortization on those days. It keeps me motivated as I see the numbers fall.

  22. Nice work, Deb. Time to treat yourself.. Ice cream? Cake? Beer? All of the above? Have a great week!
    Liz recently posted…How to Pack for a Work TripMy Profile

  23. Paying off debt is always a good thing that deserves some celebration – congrats!
    Dan @ Our Big Fat Wallet recently posted…Criteria for Finding a Good Rental PropertyMy Profile

  24. Cash advance on credit cards, as you know, comes with a horrible interest rate. Good for you for paying it off!
    Brad @ How to Save Money recently posted…Cut Your Travel CostsMy Profile

    • Actually, this was a low rate cash advance credit card with 0.99% interest for 11 months. It was part of our strategy to pay off higher interest debt faster (even though the rate was not that much higher on our mortgage 2.89%).

  25. You are the woman! I can’t tell you how amazed and inspired I get when I read 1) all the debt repayments that you and many other bloggers post and 2) all the awesome income producing investments that FI bloggers are sharing and growing. This is an awesome community that supports one another tremendously and we all seem to be cheering each other on. The other amazing fact is that we all seem to be “regular” people with “regular” jobs and income yet we are building solid financial futures any millionaire can be envious of. Keep up the good work with your debt and feel free to ask me anything you want regarding dividend investing.
    DivHut recently posted…Planting Dividend Seeds With Timber REITsMy Profile

    • Awww … what a nice comment! I appreciate the support, Keith! I will definitely be calling on you re dividend investing!

  26. Congrats on the payoff! And your post really was moving. I am adding it to my weekly roundup for this week.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…How to Make Money Entering GiveawaysMy Profile

  27. Congrats, girl! That must feel so good! Thanks for sharing my quote and pimping my blog out for a nomination. ;) You are far too kind, lovely!
    Melanie @ Dear Debt recently posted…Knowing Your Spending TriggersMy Profile

  28. Cool stuff…baby steps with the debt. Feels so good to knock one to the curb doesn’t it. Keep moving and pushing on are doing great!
    Brian @ Luke1428 recently posted…Why Travel Should Be A Must For Every BudgetMy Profile

  29. Congratulations on the debt payoff, Deb! That must feel amazing. Also, thanks again for sharing such a moving post on mental health.
    Addison @ Cashville Skyline recently posted…Roundup From the Ranch: Funemployment EditionMy Profile

    • Thanks, Addison. I’m glad you enjoyed my post on mental health. Besides delivering an important message, the feedback received has been very supportive.

  30. Congratulations Deb! It’s always nice to pay down and off debt even if it takes time.
    canadianbudgetbinder recently posted…Couple’s happy retirement on hold until son moves outMy Profile

  31. Great job paying off that balance! Now on to the next one, right?

    • Hey Holly, it was part of our strategy. Like you are a travel hacker, I am a low rate balance credit card hacker. I make prepayments on my mortgage and put in on the card.

  32. Doesn’t it feel great having something off of your shoulders? Congratulations and keep up the good work!

    • Yes, it does because we ran into some problems in the winter when my husbands income went down. We had only 11 months to pay the 24K before the interest rate went up.

  33. Congrats on making it through the low period of the year and keeping it up on the repayment — it really blows my mind how far you’ve come so quickly. (My monthly gross is about $4000 — before taxes or anything else — so I find it hard to wrap my head around the idea of monthly debt repayment that’s more than that!)

    I was away when you wrote the earlier post on depression, but thank you for that, too.
    Cecilia@thesingledollar recently posted…kryptoniteMy Profile

  34. Congrats on paying off the card Debs, and on all of your recent success! Definitely well deserved. I’m heading over to check out your guest post now :)
    Ryan S @ Impersonal Finance recently posted…Loyal3 for stock investingMy Profile

  35. Congrats!! That is major. It is such a great feeling to get there. It makes all the sacrifice worth it.
    Debt and the Girl recently posted…A Note on DepressionMy Profile

  36. Congrats! That’s an awesome feeling to pay off a chunk of debt! Before you know it your debt pay off date will be here and you will be debt free! :o)
    Tennille recently posted…SavingStar Grocery App ReviewMy Profile

    • With four years to go, I sure hope it feels that way! Debt fatigue can be difficult but plod along we go. Thanks for visiting, Tennille!

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  38. You are amazing. That is all.
    Lisa E. @ Lisa vs. the Loans recently posted…Giving to the HomelessMy Profile

  39. Great job on paying off that chunk of debt. I love when a debt disappears! Now, onto the next chunk of debt!

  40. Congrats on paying that one off. Each one is one step closer to being finished!
    Kim recently posted…Do Bloggers Ever Run Out Of Things To Say?My Profile

  41. Good job paying the debt down. You are snowballing well. Keep the momentum up!
    Asset-Grinder recently posted…New Buy Qualcomm and Sells Chevron : August 2014My Profile

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  43. Yay! Congrats. Your progress is amazing. Don’t fret about being a tiny bit behind, there’s still plenty of time to make up that small bit yet. Keep up your hardwork Debs!! :)
    Kayla @ Shoeaholicnomore recently posted…September 2014 Budget PlansMy Profile

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  45. Wow, congrats on paying off your cash advance credit card. That must feel awesome. Congrats also for having your guest post published on Financial Samurai. Looks like you’re killing it!
    Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter recently posted…Is Having a Baby Shower for a Second Child Greedy?My Profile