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Six Month Blogiversary!


Yo peeps!  Whazzup?

My six month blogiversary is today, that’s whazzup!
Yup, March 9, I started this journey, all green but with a purpose.

I don’t want to get all smaltzy on you, $niff, so I instead I’ll share my little ditty I wrote that summarizes my journey (and prolly many of us!) so far.blogiversary

A Personal Finance Blogger’s Lament

A blogger’s day starts with the sun.
It’s time for bed – I’m not yet done.

The goal is clear – to write great posts,
But what if they’re only read by ghosts.

To read and comment off we go,
Oh here’s a new blogger, I do not know.

You have a technical issue you say,
Well contact Joe, he’ll help you today!

You need a plugin – what’s it called?
Don’t pull out your hair – you’ll just go bald.

The sense of community is quite surprising;
As are the bloggers enterprising.

I’m in a slump, writer’s block is here now,
But, just last week, my post went viral.

My house is messy, I’ve got no time,
To see my loving Valentine.

But be assured, my numbers are scrubbed.
My net worth’s up, a win it’s dubbed.

So I write and comment and write some more,
I love this stuff, it’s not a chore.

But in all honesty, what do I say?
A non-blogger comment would make my day!



debt-debsIn recognition of my blogiversary, I’m going to introduce my favourite posts on a weekly basis.
Initially I wasn’t going to do weekly roundup posts, since many already do this, preferring to integrate my favourite ones into my posts, and then put my link backs at the bottom of other posts.  However with so many great blogs to read, I find that I rely on ones posted by others to point to ones not to be missed.  Therefore, I figured I could do the same thing for posts I have come across worthy of some praise.  Consequently, I’m going to dub my weekly favourites:

debs’ devotions!

The definition of devotion [dih-voh-shuh n] noun is:

1. profound dedication; consecration.
earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc.
an assignment or appropriation to any purpose, cause, etc.: the devotion of one’s wealth and time to scientific advancement.
Often, devotions. Ecclesiastical. religious observance or worship; a form of prayer or worship for special use.

Seems a fitting title for a PF blogger named Debs, don’t you agree?


So here are debs’ devotions – my favourite posts read recently:

The 80 20 Rule and What It Means For Your Money from Natalie @ The Finance Girl
Why I Quit My Audit Job from Jen @ Save to Splurge
Happily Biking to Work Each Day (I’ve Only Been Hit Once) from Will @ CNA Finance
PoP Economics of Bike Commuting, 17 Months In by Mrs. PoP @ Planting Our Pennies
The King Moves Abroad by Melanie @ Retire by 40


Thanks for the mentions at the following blogs:

Budget Bloggess here and here, Messy Money, Financially Blonde, Indebted Mom, Len Penzo dot Com, Dividend Mantra, Frankly Frugal Finance.

Apparently y’all liked my post Reasons I’m Happy I’m Not Going to FinCon and have agreed to hang together.  Still working on what we’re gonna do around our nap schedule!  Stay tuned!


Author: debster

I am a fifty-something wife, mother and new grandmother, who admits to having their “head in the sand” about their financial situation until amassing $247,500 worth of consumer debt for a total debt of $393,500. We've paid $121K in 2 years with four more years to go. Join my journey at sharing ideas and motivation to all those coping with poor money management and bad debt decisions.

133 thoughts on “Six Month Blogiversary!

  1. Happy 6 month anniversary Deb! I am so impressed with where you’ve taken your blog and how quickly you’ve grown it; very impressive! And thank you so much for mentioning my post, too :) Have a great day!
    Natalie @ Financegirl recently posted…The 80 20 Rule and What It Means For Your MoneyMy Profile

  2. Yay, Deb! Congrats on 6 months!!! LOVE that ditty. I’m thinking you’ll need to perform it live during our “We’re Not Attending FinCon: A Party For Cool People.” I am seriously lol-ing over here and Frugal Hound would like to eat, I mean, MEET those bunnies. Seriously, congrats and please keep the awesome content coming!
    Mrs. Frugalwoods recently posted…Epic Treks: 7 Hikes That Left Us Breathless (in a good way)My Profile

    • Is this an open party and can I come? I can bring a bottle of wine, or like 7….?
      The Thrifty Peach recently posted…Dear Whole Foods, I Hate YouMy Profile

    • I have a grand-bunny that looks something like that one and I would like Frugal Hound to meet her because she destroyed a room in my home and now it’s called the bunny room. When you decide to visit me some day, she can stay in that room. The smells will be awesome but she’ll go home exhausted because she won’t sleep a wink.

  3. Loved your little ditty :) Seriously, I have about 4 readers that comment that aren’t bloggers and I cherish them!

    I really thought you had been around longer than since March!
    Alicia recently posted…Canadian Salaries InfographicMy Profile

    • When I get some non blogger commenters, I’m gonna smother them with so much love and buy them things. For reals. Ya, they might just make me fall off the debt repayment bandwagon.

  4. It’s crazy how time goes by with blogging so congratulations on hitting six months Debs! I’ll hit six months in October. I heard you’re planning to make the Fincon attendees feel a little pang of regret since the non-Finconners this year will be planning their own to-do :)
    A very wity ditty indeed and I love the bunny gif!
    Kassandra @ More Than Just Money recently posted…Don’t Let Debt Amount To A Life SentenceMy Profile

    • Yup, it’s gonna be the blind leading the blind and the PF blogosphere will never be the same again! :-D But don’t worry about us. We won’t break anything …. much.

  5. Congrats on your blogiversary!
    Amy recently posted…Last Week’s Frugal HighsMy Profile

  6. Brilliant as usual Deb!! Love this bloggers lament and your excellent use of pic monkey. :-) Congrats on 6 months, that is a big milestone and I love forward to celebrating lots more with you!
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…My Book and My Blogiversary GiveawayMy Profile

  7. Happy, happy blogiversary, Deb!! So glad you’ve entered the blogging world. :-)
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted…Don’t Give Money More Power Than it DeservesMy Profile

    • Aw, so sweet, Laurie! I’m glad too. At first I was like a fish out of water, but hopefully y’all won’t throw me back now!

  8. Happy six months and great poem! You really have created quite the momentum for yourself in six months, which is very impressive! Keep up the great work Deb!
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…Rolling With The Punches On A Last Minute Trip To LAMy Profile

  9. I’m not sure if my comments are posting. ugh!!! Anyway, I wished you a happy six months and I loved your poem!

  10. Happy six month Blogiversary!
    Brian @ Debt Discipline recently posted…The Power of the Word “No”My Profile

  11. So glad you became a blogger and have been using your powers for good ;-) It’s funny to me that you only have a couple of months on me – you seem to be an old soul in the blogging world. You had better be saving up for FinCon next year – can’t imagine that you wouldn’t be a finalist in something like the Debt category or Best Kept Secret!

    Love the idea of Deb’s Devotions!!
    Kirsten recently posted…3 Lessons on Student LoansMy Profile

    • Kirsten, I’m so glad we crossed paths before my 6 month blogiversary! I think we first connected when you answered a HALP Tweet when I was migrating to self hosted! You were helpful and kind, and I’ve grown to love you as that same person. ;-)

  12. Happy Blogiversary!!!!!
    Kara recently posted…A New Financial SeasonMy Profile

  13. Congrats on six months. Times flies by, right?!
    Michelle recently posted…DIY Wedding Ideas – Worth It Or A Waste Of Money?My Profile

  14. Happy Blogiversary Debs!
    Downstairs and in Debt recently posted…Proposed September BudgetMy Profile

  15. Wow, happy anniversary! I just love the rhyme ;)
    M recently posted…Morals and Investing – Can they be Balanced?My Profile

  16. You’ve only been at this for six months?!!!!!!
    You’re rocking it!
    Anne @ Money Propeller recently posted…Jet Setter Interview – Debt Free GuysMy Profile

    • Oh, thank you so much, Anne! You helped me up my game by asking me to write for you. I appreciate it and I wish you mucho success!

  17. Congrats Deb on the 6 month milestone! They say that after doing something for 14 day or 3 months (who knows?) then it becomes a habit. You’re stuck now.

    Best wishes for the next 6 months and onward!

    Allen @ The Daily Cent recently posted…Step 1: The $1,000 Emergency Fund.My Profile

  18. Hai, Debs! I don’t blog. Disregard my URL – it’s just points to a file on my computer. :)

    Congrats on the 6 months! You’ve done crazy well for only 6 months in the game!
    Nonblogger Will recently posted…My Lazy Investment PortfolioMy Profile

  19. Woohoo 6 months!! I can’t believe it’s been that long already. Your poem definitely rang true for me. I also love the “Deb’s Devotions” idea. You’re always so creative!
    Erin @ Journey to Saving recently posted…Are You Financially Fit?My Profile

  20. Love it and happy 6 month blogiversary! Congrats on hitting this big blogging milestone :) You make the personal finance blogosphere a much better and brighter space!
    Kali @ Common Sense Millennial recently posted…Travel Recap: A Weekend in Washington DCMy Profile

  21. Yay happy anniversary deb!
    Michelle recently posted…Debt Breakdown Part III : Personal LoanMy Profile

  22. Debs,

    Loved the little rhyme up there! We have to get you a record deal or something. :)

    Congrats on your blogiversary. Looks like things are going very well for you. Keep it up!

    Best regards.
    Dividend Mantra recently posted…Price And ValueMy Profile

  23. Congrats on 6 months! I almost wanted to secretly login as a non blogger and comment for the ryhme to give you a 6 month present.
    Even Steven recently posted…10% Rule and Real Life Car StoriesMy Profile

    • Ha ha, you would have had me going, Steven! Will tried it but he didn’t cover his tracks too well. He’s $mart but not brilliant ;-)

  24. Happy blogiversary Deb! Reading your posts is always a pleasure and usually makes me smile. I love the little ditty and I laughed out loud at the last line – oh to have a non-blogger comment!

    Keep up the great work.

  25. Happy blogiversary Deb! You have been able to grow your blog a lot in just six months. Congrats.
    Aldo @ Million Dollar Ninja recently posted…How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?My Profile

  26. Happy 6-months anniversary! Your poem is . . . well, it’s quite something : ) Here’s to your next 6 months!
    Prudence Debtfree recently posted…Small Miracle for Debt-ReductionMy Profile

  27. Wow, only 6 months? I feel like you are an old veteran! This is a great poem. Haha you are so fun. Thanks for linking to my post at RB40. Happy blogiversary — many more months and years to you!
    Melanie @ Dear Debt recently posted…Life and Debt RecapMy Profile

    • I remember when I was just starting and you reached out to me to write my Dear Debt letter which was very welcoming! Thanks, Mel!

  28. Congrats, Deb! And here’s to many more blogiversarys. :)
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted…5 Smart Financial Moves to Make This FallMy Profile

  29. Happy six month blogiversary, Deb! It really is a milestone in the blogging world and you should be proud. You’ve come a long way in a short amount of time. Woo!
    Addison @ Cashville Skyline recently posted…Holding Myself Accountable: the August ReviewMy Profile

    • Thanks, Addison! You were one of my early supporters and it meant a lot to me. Thanks for that and for sticking around. ;-)

  30. Congrats on the 6 months. Time flies by when you chronicle your financial journey online. Keep up the good work and fun posts. I always look forward to debt reduction and investment posts from yourself and others. It keeps me motivated as well. Onward and upward!
    DivHut recently posted…Recent Stock Purchase – September 2014My Profile

    • You got it, Keith! Thanks for the encouragement. You investment bloggers always seem so much smarter than me but I still come around and hope it’ll rub off. Hope you don’t shoo me away anytime soon!

  31. I love that poem! Happy six months :)
    Nicola recently posted…5 Things That Make Me Stressed.My Profile

  32. Congrats on 6 months debs! Really hard to believe it’s only been that long – at this rate you’ll be running the PF blogging world in 6 years!! And great poem – your creativity seems to know no bounds :)
    Jason @ Islands of Investing recently posted…Care and maintenance (or ‘hanging in there’)My Profile

    • LOL, thank you, Jason, that’s an incredible compliment. You know I always want to tweet your posts right? And then I go, oh ya…

  33. Happy blog-o-versary! Here’s to many more years and posts! Also, I love the bunny gif (surprising, right?) :)
    Morgaine recently posted…Weekly Spending: Sep 1-7My Profile

  34. Congrats and I am very impressed. You are definitely someone to watch. I have really enjoyed your site. I’m looking forward to what you write about the next 6 months and beyond.
    LeisureFreak Tommy recently posted…Only Suckers Save for RetirementMy Profile

  35. Love the poem, Deb! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings you. :)
    Tanya @ Eat Laugh Purr recently posted…Comment on A Family Vacation by TanyaMy Profile

    • You know it was a toss up between a sleeping kitten and sleeping bunny for my last gif. When I saw the kitten, I said Tanya’s going to like this, and when I saw the bunny I said Morgaine’s gonna like this. I prolly should have done them both! Thanks for your nice comment!

  36. Happy 6 months friend! I’m so amazed by all that you’ve done and shared with us so far. :)
    Kayla @ Shoeaholicnomore recently posted…Setting Financial GoalsMy Profile

    • Hey, Shoebee Doobee Do! I’m only calling you that, because well, when the Shoe fits…. LOL Thanks for your support in the early days. You’ve made incredible progress and I enjoy following your journey. Cheers to both of us!

  37. Love the poem. Congrats on 6 months of blogging – it’s a big accomplishment to keep at it! We’re not headed to FinCon either. Maybe next year, eh? =)

    Thanks for sharing our post, too!
    Mrs. PoP recently posted…PoP Economics of Bike Commuting, 17 Months InMy Profile

  38. Congrats on making it 6 months. Next stop, 6 years!
    Jay @ recently posted…Explaining the Different Kinds of REITsMy Profile

    • If I can make it to six years, I’ll be like Mary Tyler Moore and throwing my hat in the air. “She’s gonna make it after all!”. Thanks, Jay!

  39. Love the poem! Congrat on 6 months – an important milestone in blogging. Here’s to many more.
    I hope we have a super duper online party for Fincon. I am seriously excited about it. (Maybe a little too excited??)

    thanks for the mention.
    May recently posted…An Early Retirement Story – Part 1My Profile

    • LOL, May.. I know you are and I am too! That’s why I like hanging out with you in the blogging world. You wear your funny heart on your sleeve and I do too!

  40. Happy six months Blogiversary to you! I hope to read more from you and you have a nice poem!
    Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way recently posted…Why Making Money Is Not Always The AnswerMy Profile

  41. Congrats on your 6th month Blogiversary! I loved your poem it made me smile and I could totally relate about it being bedtime but not yet being done with your blogging day! I didn’t get to bed myself until 2:00 Am and then got 4 1/2 hours of sleep before my boys woke me up. But yet it was totally worth it! :o)
    Tennille recently posted…Three Bennifits Of Amazon Prime Membership & One Secret FeatureMy Profile

  42. Nice! The poem was spot on. I dare any blogger to say they can’t relate…I double dog dare ‘em!

    Congrats on hitting the 6-month mark AND still showing the same level of enthusiasm. I’ve noticed a few bloggers who started around the same time and have fizzled out and I’m happy to see you still going strong.

    Don’t you go and dial down your quirky & fun take on all things PF now…

    Here’s to another 6 months!
    Free to Pursue recently posted…What Bungee Jumping Taught Me About VisualizationMy Profile

    • Wootie – woot- woot! What a nice comment! I’ve also noticed some fizzle but then come back. Sometimes some bloggers just need a break. Personally, I need a nap. A nap would fix everything.

  43. I read and like your poem, which is really nice. Keep up the good work and another 6 months to come!
    Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted…Why I like to average down on sharesMy Profile

  44. Congrats on the 6 Months! That’s awesome!
    Jason Vitug recently posted…Complimentary Doesn’t Always Mean FreeMy Profile

  45. Congrats on the six months! And, might I say – greatest poem ever!

  46. Congrats on reaching your 6 month blogiversary! Always fun to hit those milestones.
    A Joyful Chaos recently posted…Wednesday HodgepodgeMy Profile

  47. Happy blogiversary! You have it waaay more together than I did at six months :)
    Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life recently posted…Why I’m Giving Up My Daily Latte. Trust Me, It’s Not Why You Think.My Profile

    • Wow! That’s saying a lot coming from you, Stefanie! Thank you for your support. You were one of my early and consistent readers. :-D

  48. Congrats on the 6 months! Judging from the 5,000 comments you get for every post, Id say you’re doing well so far!
    Dan @ Our Big Fat Wallet recently posted…Urban vs. Suburban – Why I Chose SuburbanMy Profile

  49. Congrats on 6 months! I love the rabbit falling over! Haha.

  50. Happy 6 month blogiversary!!! It goes by fast :)
    Mackenzie recently posted…If I Could Go Back In TimeMy Profile

  51. Happy Half Anniversary to your blog! It’s pretty amazing how much progress you’ve made. Your dedication is apparent :)
    Kate@GoodnightDebt recently posted…Financial Advice from a ProfessorMy Profile

  52. Congrats! I swear it seems live you’ve been around for more than a year, can’t believe your blog is only six months old! That’s a compliment, by the way haha
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…How Recovering Spenders Can Become FrugalMy Profile

  53. Happy six months! Isn’t it great to be able to reach that kind of mark. I have no idea,really, how long I have been at my own blog, but it seems like forever. Although I’m not sure that it has even been three months yet.
    Brad @ How to Save Money recently posted…Saving Money by Being Held AccountableMy Profile

    • I went hot and cold sometimes wondering if I could even make it six months due to the amount of work but I’m still here!! I think that’s why sometimes it feels long when it’s actually short and even vice versa sometimes. Thanks, Brad… good luck on your next three months!

  54. Your poem was awesome, happy blogiversary!
    Pauline recently posted…Side hustle ideas, part 4My Profile

  55. Happy Anniversary! I really enjoyed the poem :)

  56. Nap sounds good… well, at 9pm it would be more of sleep time lol.

    Congrats on the 6 month blogiversary!

    Great poem to wrap up the time bloggers put in!
    Kipp recently posted…Income and Expense for August 14My Profile

  57. Congrats on 6 months, Deb!!!! Your poem cracked me up hahaha! Thank you so much for the mention. I’ve been blogging for almost two weeks and am amazed by the support amongst bloggers. You’re amazing! Here’s to another great 6 months!
    Jen @ Save to Splurge recently posted…Our Elopement BudgetMy Profile

    • Thanks, Jen! I could relate to your post working with many external auditors and also with my own experiences on overtime.

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  59. Congrats on your six month-iversary! :) Here’s to many more months and years blogging. You have a really cool blog!
    Andrew @ Budgetopolis recently posted…Are Your Trainers Mentors or “Demented” ?My Profile

  60. Happy six months!!!!! The poem is too freaking cute. :)
    femmefrugality recently posted…How Safe is Your Job?My Profile

  61. Happy six month anniversary! I myself learned a lottt of stuff about blogging after 6 months doing it. Nice poem, and sooo true :D Here’s to another six months (and years!)
    Suburban Finance recently posted…Look for Love, but Commit on MoneyMy Profile

  62. Congrats on crossing the six-month mark. Certainly an exhilarating journey and cheerz to many more.

    “But in all honesty, what do I say?
    A non-blogger comment would make my day!”

    Ditto on that one :)
    Simon E. recently posted…Barnes and Noble MasterCard® ReviewMy Profile

  63. I love that! You’re a poet! Happy 6 months!
    Kalen Bruce recently posted…Doing Your Debt Homework: 3 Strategies to Plan Ahead for Student DebtMy Profile

  64. Congratulations, Debs! Big hallmark for your blog! :) Love the poem, btw, cracked me up.

    The time you put into your blog seems huge! Every blog I visit I see you reading and commenting on every single post. I just can’t find the time. How do you do it? Tell us your secret!
    No More Waffles recently posted…Stuff Our Parents Never Taught Us, Part V: InvestingMy Profile

    • Wow! Thanks for noticing, NMW! I don’t have a secret, it’s just lots of work and probably FOMO (fear of missing out!). I said I would give it my all for six months….. now I’m going to slack off. ;-)

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  67. Six months and your Alexa ranking is already 53k?! That’s nothing short of amazing.

    Keep up the great work on the debt reduction. As you’ve already found out there are a lot of people on the same journey who will cheer you on.
    John Wedding recently posted…The one person responsible for your financial decisionsMy Profile