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View™ Glass Whiteboard & Projector Screen

Lights on, it’s the cleanest, most efficient writing surface available; lights off, it’s the premier, high-definition projection surface. Our whiteboard projector is the perfect product for any conference room, classroom, or office. The whiteboard projector screen effortlessly transforms from marker board to projector with ease, wherever, whenever.

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An Evolutionary Step In Glass Boards


Clarity of picture, with crisp lines and piercing color

Space-Saving Design

A writing tool and projection surface all in one

Multi-Functional, Glass Projection Surface

Designer-quality glass board, cinema-quality projection
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The Clarus™ design team spent three years developing our patented, Micro AG 32 technology that delivers a beautifully crisp projection on a singular whiteboard and projector screen. View’s efficient and purposeful design gives you picture-perfect presentations every time.
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Setting The Standard For All Projection Surfaces

Step up and enjoy the View. Presentations will never be the same when using our glass whiteboard projector screen.


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Select The Correct Interactive Projector Position

Pairing your View with the correct projector is critical for optimal performance. Traditional, “long” throw and “short” throw projectors will work with View, but may cause a bright spot to appear on the projecting surface in some unique cases. To ensure projection clarity, Clarus suggests using an “ultra-short” throw projector with your View glass board.
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Purposeful Design, Maximum Versatility

Imagine a dry-erase glass board that never stains and never needs to be replaced. Now, imagine that same board doubles as a high-definition projection surface.

Imagine clean lines and elegant design — no bulky mounts or pull-down banners, no chalk dust that interferes with sensitive equipment in a room, no rippled or blurry pictures.

Get the idea? Enjoy the View, because it’s here. Our interactive projector provides a crystal clear display and is the perfect tool to enhance any presentation in a classroom or conference room.

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View Sizes

Your View, in three standard sizes.

Three standard sizes that can be customized with clear anodized or black
anodized aluminum trim.


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Clarus Glass

  • 1/4″ Clarus tempered safety writing glass
  • Non-staining writing surface
  • Compatible with any marker, even permanent
  • Clarus Opti-Clear Polish


  • Glossy surface


  • Matte surface



  • 80” (70”w x 40”h)
  • 100” (87”w x 50”h)
  • 120” (104”w x 60”h)


  • Gain of 0.9


  • Available in Clarus View White

Trim Color

  • Customize your View with clear anodized or black anodized aluminum trim.

Surround 3.0

  • Use a Surround frame to match the profile of View for all complementary glass boards used in the same area. This achieves consistent depth from the wall.