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We are so much more than glass boards.
Clarus® is your design canvas.
I really love being able to do my passion every day, and I think if you have the opportunity, absolutely jump in and do it.
Clarus® Brings people together
Glass boards bring employees together, fostering collaboration, transparency, and teamwork.
Because creativity doesn’t always strike in meetings, giving employees a forum to share ideas and seek feedback can change the pace of business. Clarus glass boards are a versatile medium for visual expression with which people can share their thoughts and ideas more effectively.
Clarus® Quality, Your Style
go! Mobile is your perfect glass canvas. By integrating rolling glass boards into your workflow, you can take productivity all around the office.
The Ultimate Writing Surface
The original glass board, Float is the modern version of the traditional whiteboard. When inspiration strikes, make sure you have the perfect canvas to capture your creativity.
Write on Your Furniture
Don’t interrupt your next great idea to move to a whiteboard, let the ideas flow right there at the table. Custom to fit your table, make Table Tops™ the statement piece of your space.

Share Your
Words can only say so much. A lot of people journal; I use a canvas.
Clarus® is your canvas
Express who you are and do the meaningful work you do with a glass board that’s entirely unique to you.
You choose what size, color, and customizations work best for your needs, then leave the rest up to Clarus. Our team proudly crafts creative glass board solutions that change the way people design, think and collaborate. Clarus provides the backdrop for your boldest ideas.
More Space for Your Best Ideas¬
Glide is the first-of-its-kind glass board system designed to allow sliding glass panels to smoothly move across the face of wall-mounted glass boards.
The Free-Standing Glass Board Wall System
Flex Wall seamlessly transform from a mobile board into a fixed, free-standing wall partition. Whether you’re looking to divide classrooms or your company office space, these partial walls are the perfect tools to restructure your interior.
Transform Your Walls
Clarus® Wall2Wall offers a completely custom solution for environmental design and new build applications. Wrap an entire office in beautiful, crisp dry-erase writing glass to create the perfect space.

My art allows me to put my thoughts, desires, and imagination into the physical world and share it with others. It forms a connection between me and my client.
Innovation is Our Middle Name
Clarus is known for pushing the boundaries of innovation. Whether it's wall-mounted, on wheels, attached to a workstation, or sliding across the wall, our visually stunning glass boards maximize your space and provide hundreds of square feet of beautiful, writable glass.
Double the Glass, Double the Collaboration
Why limit a glass board to one side? Flip allows both sides of a board to be utilized – add a glass board to both sides of Flip, or place acoustic panels on the backside of your glass board for sound absorption.
Your Collaboration can be! Mobile
With rolling glass boards, you can take productivity anywhere in the office. be! Mobile is a canvas for creativity that keeps your notes and presentations looking sharp and fresh.
Functionality Meets Style
The glass board that started it all – Depth completes any space with a visually striking style. Depth mounts easily to most wall surfaces, and all components needed for installation are included with every glass board.

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