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Clarus™ appreciates high design, and we’re committed to giving back.

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What is the Clarus Experience™?

The Clarus Experience is an annual, invite-only event for the thought leaders in the design industry. Every year, Clarus hosts designers from around the world at our Fort Worth headquarters. These guests receive behind-the-scenes access to our brand and the production process of our glassboards.

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Though each Experience is different, this exclusive event is guaranteed to be jam-packed with tastes of Texas, design inspiration, sneak peaks into Clarus HQ, and built-in surprises.

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The Clarus Experience gets its name from the everyday feeling of interacting with Clarus glass. From the way premium raw materials are sourced from around the world, to the way they’re produced with precision and the final snapshots of excellent interior design – writing on Clarus glassboards is an unforgettable experience.