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No wall is perfect. But with the patent-pending TruMount™ system, installation of your Float™ glassboards can run on schedule with precision and ease. The ability to make the adjustments required for imperfect walls without additional holes makes installation painless and avoids increased costs.

Installation Of Trumount Hardware For Hanging Glassboards


With no guarantee of flat walls, TruMount takes the stress out of glassboard installation by providing an all-in-one solution for micro adjustments without putting new holes in the walls.


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TruMount makes easy installation a new reality for furniture dealers, speeding up the process and reducing unexpected installation costs.


Furniture Dealer Show Room
General Contractor Working On Blueprints

General Contractors

Possess peace of mind that your glassboard installation will be on time and within budget, thanks to TruMount, by preventing rework and damage to the walls.


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With TruMount, designers can trust that their vision will come together with a tighter spec and greater efficiency.


Behind the Design

Interior Designer Working On Plans

Design Details

Designed for easy installation

  • TruMount’s design and white color allows for easy-to-read laser leveling and blends with the wall
  • Laser level line identifies the bottom of the clip
  • Two-way level line holder aids in visual leveling
  • Designed to allow for easy left or right adjustments for alignment and includes end stops to prevent the board from coming off
  • Compact design allows our reps, installers, and dealers to easily carry extra parts
  • The all-in-one TruMount solution features breakaway components to prevent the loss of parts


No wall is perfect… but we thought of that

  • 1” of vertical adjustability in 1/16” increments
  • Stackable 1/16” increment break-off shims aid in adjustment in the z-plane
  • Composite thermoplastic and polycarbonate materials strengthen the system and lessens the chance of damage to walls and product during installation
  • 4-way hanging clip is made from composite materials for strength and to reduce damage to walls during installation